Identify this classical song (mp3 snippet inside)

This is a little snippet that was played in an episode of the 4400, it sounded so familiar but I can’t place the piece, can anyone help me out? snippet.mp3

That’s Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.17 - 3rd Mvt - II Allegretto. The heavy percussive style makes me think that’s Glenn Gould playing but I don’t actually have that CD so I can’t confirm.

Nope, that’s not Beethoven’s 17

Schumann or Brahms maybe?

Dang! I shouldn’t have come back to this post just before going to bed! I was certain it was a Beethoven sonata but you’re right it’s not the 17th.

After spending the last 45 minutes digging through my CDs (I’m behind on my ripping) I found the right one: Beethoven’s Sonata No 13. in E-flat Major Op. 27, No. 1: Allegro Molto. This time, I do have Gould’s recording of this piece and can confirm that it’s not him in the snippet.

I don’t blame you. I listened to the clip and thought, “Well, it sure sounds like a Beethoven sonata… I hope somebody comes along who can tell if that’s right.”