Identify this item in Nagasaki (post-bombing)

I came across this photograph while perusing a *LIFE *collection by Bernard Hoffman. The item in the right foreground seems vaguely skeletal. A horse, perhaps?


Maybe a cow. It seems too large to be a human.

I vote for a cow or horse.

Cow. Note the wide flanges on the vertebrae after the ribs, which are lacking in a horse.

According to the caption at cardinal_fang’s link, “Nagasaki was the third target.” I take it that Hiroshima was the first, so what was the original second target, and why did it escape nuking?

They were supposed to bomb Kokura, but cloud cover had moved in, so they switched to their secondary target, Nagasaki.

“Bockscar” or"Boxcar"?


Thanks everyone. Cow it is. Great pic Colibri. I figured something like vertebral flanges would be implicated. :wink: