Identify this Item (kitchsy kitchen ceramic, circa 1970s)

So my sister brought this matched set of a ceramic Frog and Mushroom at an old lady’s club rummage sale a few weeks back. The frog is a “scrubbie holder”, or so we think since we’ve seen the same shaped items in other old lady’s kitchens (love you gramma!). But the mushroom is a mystery. It has holes on top and a stoppered hole on the bottom for filling. The holes are too big for salt, and that seems oddly matched to a scrubbie holder so we thought maybe it was for Comet cleaner or something? Anyone know for sure? Seen one of these sets in actually use at their gramma’s house, perhaps?

I’d have guessed it was a pepper shaker (minus your lost shaker of salt) and that the frog was intended to hold sugar packets or something.

Toothpic dispenser?

Yeah, but who buys sugar packets to use at home?
In any event, the holes in a pepper shaker are too big. Pepper shakers usually have fewer holes so as not to bury the food. My guess is for a scrubbie-holder and Comet set.


Yep, the sizes of the holes on salt and pepper shakers are different, Id say it was a pepper shaker.

Hmmmm, maybe the frog held sweetener packets?

I know that my mother used to have a pop bottle with a special lid on it, she filled it with water and sprinkled the water on clothes, rolled them up so that they’d be evenly damp, and then iron them. This was before she had a steam iron.

The frog pretty much has to be a scrubby holder. As for the shaker- I’ve seen sites selling “cleanser shakers” and some selling “universal shakers” that specifically mention the hole size as accomodating any kind of spice. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a cleanser shaker paired with the frog, or if they are both part of a larger kitchenware set that includes cleaning and culinary pieces.

I’m not sure what is meant by a “scrubby holder” (I’m a Brit) so I can’t visualise the shape, but it occurs to me that maybe the frog is a salt cellar (which could be any shape, but usually comes with a spoon, example here ), in which case the mushroom would be the matching pepper pot?


The mushroom is possibly a baking soda holder, to keep your fridge smelling nice.

In the ceramics greenwear listings from my aunt’s ceramics shop that closed in 1978, that particular number is referred to as “Nylon net puff holder with baking soda shaker”.

The late original Heloise, of ‘Hints by’ fame, originated the scrubbie idea with her fondness for nylon net gathered into puffs.

Yes, my aunt kept everything, and since packratting is genetic, my Mother keeps it as well. Some day, i will break the chain.

Wow! Thanks everybody. I’m mailing my sis this link–the wide range of responses will make us feel better about not being able to figure it out on our own. :slight_smile:

So thatDDperson, it has an actual picture of that set and everything? That’s pretty slick.

Not a pic, just a line drawing and a price for the greenware from the dstributor…33 cents each piece.

Dee Dee

My husband’s grandmother (now deceased) gave him the exact same set (only green, with yellow specks) when we moved, knowing I love 60’s and 70’s crap. (I’m in the process of making my living room and kitchen totally retro-70’s.)

The frog holds a scrubby and she told Mike she always used the mushroom as an Ajax or Comet cleanser shaker. I can see how it could be used for baking soda, too. I use the frog to hold the scrubbies, but the 'shroom is there on my kitchen window ledge just for looks.

They’re so cheesey, they’re cute!

My grandmother made these two items for my family back in the '70’s. The frog was a red-brown and the 'shroom was green with yellow specks (hmmm…Sylkyn, maybe your hubby and I are long-lost cousins?). We used the frog for holding sink scrubbies and the 'shroom was used to hold pencils.

One of the cousins says that she used her mushroom to hold incense sticks. With the smells I remember from her home at the time, yep…she’s an un-modernized hippie, and still has the multicolor mushroom, complete with stick incense, in her house. She keeps her medicine bottles in the frog, which used to be filled with seeds and stems and such.

Belladonna, thank you for the impetus to call the cousins. Several of them have this set!! Our Aunt never married, but made some amazing ceramic stuff (that many of us still have) as wedding gifts and such. I have the swan-shaped covered soup tureen and ladle, and the matching platter and serving bowls (little swans swimming around the edges).


I think the mushroom held scouring powder, that you would scrub with the scrubbies in the frog.

That’s my guess.