Identify this Movie From a Vague Description (Yet Again!)

Mysterious seer lady drifts in and squirts BG’s Henchmen with Silly String.

Actually, he is not fatigued, he is just too prone to hurling insults.
Bernard Bresslaw : “HA!, now let us see you hurl insults, hohoho!”
Mouthy Slave Trader : [hurls insults]“Aaaaaiiiiii!!!”
Bernard Bresslaw “Some people just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut.”
Good Guys : “Hohoho”.

How about this:

Fake Crime Spree
How Did It End?
Rizzo’s Town
Poor Ralph Bellamy
Loving an Astronaut
Mr. Van Doren’s A Cheat

How Did It End? - Clue?

Rizzo’s Town - Midnight Cowboy?

Mr. Van Doren’s A Cheat: Quiz Show?

Poor Ralph Bellamy: Trading Places?

Fibber: Wrong on both counts. Frankd6, right on both counts.

(Hint: My clues might not deal with content in the movie, but rahter with information in the movie or the movie’s title.)

Nothing in common among these:
Goofy Musicians at a 1910 Firehouse
John Wayne’s Circus Catches Fire
At Which End Shall We Cut Our Eggs Open?
Then, Dan Conner; Now, George Herman Ruth
Is That You, Norman?
Ugly Women as Saxophonist and Bass Player
Traitor Betrayed by Time Zones
Fighting the Blue-hued Cave Dwellers
The Ape Didn’t Want to Be in America
The English Sheeppig
The Van Doren Embarrassment

Goofy Musicians…: Ragtime?
Then, Dan Conner…: The Babe
Is That You, Norman?: Psycho
Ugly Women as Saxophonist…: Some Like it Hot
The Ape…: King Kong
The English Sheeppig: Babe
How 'bout:

The Singing Austrian Kids
A Baby Deer’s Mother Gets Shot
The Big Farkin’ Shark What Eats People!
Wanderin’ the Earth Like Cain (from Kung Fu)
The Kayser Soze Story
Hey! That Janitor’s a Genius!
I’m Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today.
Bareknuckle Schizoid

The Singing Austrian Kids- Sound of music
A Baby Deer’s Mother Gets Shot - Bambi
The Big Farkin’ Shark What Eats People! - Jaws
Hey! That Janitor’s a Genius! - flowers for algernon (or Lawnmower man)

[Nitpick]Not Lawnmower Man. Jobe mowed lawns (hence the title); he wasn’t a janitor.[/Nitpick]

Now Good Will Hunting on the other hand…


Doh!!! :smack:

How THE F*** did I pull that simulpost off?

The Kayser Soze Story - The Usual Suspects (one of my all time favs!)
Bareknuckle Schizoid - Fight Club?

Pretty much all right. “Janitor” is Good Will Hunting. The rest of the answers to mine are correct. Surprised that nobody has gotten

“Wanderin’ the Earth Like Cain (from Kung Fu)” , which I thought was pretty easy or

“I’m Not Even…” which is only slightly more obscure.

I feel kinda guilty about the hijack, so I’ve started a new thread here.

Here are the correct titles, for those who guessed wrong: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Goofy Musicians at a 1910 Firehouse–Fireman, Save My Child!
At Which End Shall We Cut Our Eggs Open?–Gulliver’s Travels
Traitor Betrayed by Time Zones–Stalag 17
Fighting the Blue-hued Cave Dwellers–Time Machine
The Ape Didn’t Want to Be in America–Mighty Joe Young (my choice) :slight_smile:
The Van Doren Embarrassment–Quiz Show