Identify this Musical

Half the stage is in color, the other in black and white. The premise (roughly) is a guy writing a movie script that sort of parallels his real life. This is an awful description but it’s the most I can recall. Thanks in advance!

Could it have been the quasi-jukebox musical “Copacabana” built around the Barry Manilow song of the same name?

“City of Angels”?
He’s writing a detective/noir script, and the characters cross over in color from his real life to black & white in the noir. He has a lot of conversations with his detective character.

Songs include “With Every Breath I Take,” “You Can Always Count On Me,” and “You’re Nothing Without Me”

Definitely “City of Angels”.

The show I saw starred the oldest boy from the Brady Bunch as the writer. He was pretty good, actually.
There’s no sun up in the sky, and the birds forgot to sing, but you’re heading for a cell, then to die and rot in hell, so it might as well be spring…*

City of Angels!!! Thank you! It was really bugging me. :slight_smile: