Identify This Recent Movie, Please

There was a movie released within the past 10 months or so. It’s about a British boy who somehow comes across a fortune; I believe he found it in a field after it had been dropped from a plane by drug dealers. Anyway, the boy gives the money away willy-nilly, believing it’s the Christian thing to do. The boy talks to saints as well.

Anyone remember the name of this?


Milions by Danny Boyle?

Probably Brothers in Arms

Review here

Probably Brothers in Arms

Stupid of me! I misread the article’s heading as the film title - and got it wrong anyway!

Millions it is.

Thank you. Millions it is. I’m adding it to my Netflix queue now, although it does not appear to be out on DVD yet. Is there some reference site on the 'net somplace that tells when DVDs are scheduled to be released?

The Amazons sites are about as reliable as any. According to , Millions is due out on November 21.


It will be released in the United States on November 1.

If you plan to see this movie I suggest also reading the book by Frank Cottrell Boyce, but preferably after seeing the movie. It explains some of the character motivation better.