Trying to ID this BBC movie

Years ago (15+) I caught the start of a movie that was a British production. Some young chap bets his friends he can become rich, starting off with nothing in his pockets. He goes to a print shop, and gets a sample run of business cards, to review with his “company” before a large order. He uses the cards to showcase himself as an exec, and uses it to (somehow, forget the specifics) get a suit, a test ride on a limo to an auction, where he bids on a large, expensive house. His plan is when he has the highest bid exceeding the minimum amount set in the bet, he’ll win. Trouble is, he wins the auction.

Then I had to leave.

Anyone recognize this storyline? I’d love to see how this ends.

I think it might be this film: Money for Nothing, a TV Movie made for BBC’s Screen One

That’s it! I love the Internet!