Identify this Sci-Fi book for me

About ten years ago I read this sci-fi book and lately its been bugging me that I can’t remember what book it was. It was a murder mystery of sorts set in the future. Investigators have the technology to identify through dust and skin flakes left in carpets everyone who had been in a room ever. In this case the forensic evidence points to this one guy but it makes no sense. So they hire a guy who can enter one’s “mindscape” to investigate what happened. (The mindscape thing is a lot like that one movie with J. Lo called “The Cell”) I also seem to remember freeways were called “slaveways”. He investigates and finds out the guy was possessed or hijacked by something/someone like a mind-virus. My memory is a bit vague on this point.

That’s about all I got. Anyone know what book this is?

Queen of Angels by Greg Bear.

Thanks! I knew I could count on the Dope!