identify this song/movie


Back when I was very young, I remember listening to a record that belonged to my older brother. I think it was a soundtrack for some late 60’s movie. The movie may have had a plot about a young/hippie becoming president. I can see the album cover with the hippie standing in front of a huge US flag and behind a very presidential looking podium. I remember listening to this on the huge TV/stereo at the house where we lived in 1970.
Anyway the only lyric I remember, and boy do it remember them, are:
Fourteen or fight
everybody now
Fourteen or fight
one more time now
(repeat until you want to drill drywall screws into your forehead)

I don’t know if finding the song may cure me of this ear-worm, right now I thing only the spear of destiny could scrape it out of my head.

So, is this for real of do I need to up my dosage again?

That sounds like Wild in the Streets.

I had the maddest crush on Christopher Jones. I don’t remember anything about his acting, but he had a James Dean look.

I’ve always thought Wild in the Streets was from the novel Only Lovers Left Alive, but IMDB says different. Hmmm.