Identify this song within a song

We’ve all heard the theme being played in the following link. I seem to recall it being in cartoons from the 40’s or 50’s. Rush plays the “hook” of the song in the middle of La Villa Strangiato right where this clip begins.

Does it have anything to do with the section title “The ghost of the Aragon”? searching youtube for that brought me to a Deadmaus song and the video I started at.

So, what’s the song and writer or composer?

Powerhouse, by Raymond Scott.

Awesome, thanks!

You’re welcome. Kinda surprised I was first to answer, actually.

Yeah, and you certainly took long enough! I mean, four whole minutes?!? Try not to get caught asleep on the job next time…

Your link is slightly broken, but thanks for the info.

Seriously. Four minutes?!? How much are we paying this guy? :wink:

I mean, how long does it take to 1) notice a new thread the instant it’s posted, 2) recall the answer even if it’s slightly obscure, 3) navigate to youtube and find a decent copy of a song that was made 50 some years before youtube even existed, 4) copy that URL, 5) reply to the post and format the text into something readable in a concise manner?

I’m thinking that even 2 minutes is waay too long to wait for a personally answered request for something random from the internet. Why was everyone on the internet not informed that I had a question? Thanks Obama :rolleyes:

/faux sarcasm

This does kind of illustrate why I love this place so much though, it’s like being at a party where everyone is Ken Jennings, with added wit and humor. I was hooked immediately based on the answer to my first post.