What is that music used in cartoon factories?

Ok, I’m looking for the name of the music piece they always use in factories in old cartoons. You know, when they show all the gears and whatnot going crazy. Most old Warner brothers cartoons used this, and I have heard some more recent cartoons use it as well. Thanks in advance for any help.

“Powerhouse” by Raymond Scott

thanks, Euty! been wondering about that myself for over a decade now, noone could tell me although they all knew the melody!

Hehe, this was one of the submisions in that thread I had a while back called “Music that everyone knows, but do not know the name of.”

And I was going to say "a Korean labor dirge.

Personally I thought that Powerhouse should have been playing in the 'droid factory in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones as it may have reduced the suckiness factor a tad.

How on earth did you know that, Euty? That is about the most obscure thing I’ve ever heard.

He knows it because we’ve discussed this in several threads already. Do a search on “cartoon,” “music,” and “factory” (or maybe “factories”). You’ll find a number of threads on this subject.

I’ve been pondering this for decades. I even started to open a thread, but didn’t quite know how to phrase it so I wouldn’t come across as a looney (as if that would make any difference).

I can recall a conversation with my best friend back when we were in Boy Scouts (man, that was a lllooonnnggg time ago!) wondering what the song was. I wish I knew how to get ahold of him, I’d call him up and tell him.

I found this out when I heard it on Dr. Demento in the mid 90s. It was a real revelation to me! Some of the other threads will mention more of Scott’s music that was used in the cartoons.

Wow, thank you! And Padeye, I always thought it should be playing in that scene as well.

I’d heard “Powerhouse” hundreds of times in Warner Brothers cartoons before I ever knew that

  1. it had a title
  2. Carl Stalling didn’t write it.

I first found out it the real title (“Powerhouse”) and the real composer (Raymond Scott) back in the late 70s or early 80s, when I saw Geddy Lee mention it in an interview in a music magazine.

Rush used a little bit of “Powerhouse” in the instrumental “La Villa Stranglato”, on the “Hemispheres” album, apparently after hearing it in a cartoon that one of their kids was watching.

There’s a Ska band (Buck-O-Nine IIRC) that does a version of this called “Factory Concerto”. It makes me smile every time I hear it.


Actually, it’s the pietasters (looked it up, would like to hear the ska treament of it).

You can get a CD of Scott’s music on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00001R3H7/104-1364791-8160710) and you’ll be surprised at how many of the songs you will recognize, assuming you watched enough Warner Brothers cartoons as a kid.

I asked the same question a few months back, it having bugged me for nigh on to 25 years.

Then I found out my father knew it all along.