Identify This Song

I heard a snippet of a song on an MSNBC show this morning with the lyrics “I was never really good with names” or “I was never good with names” or something similar. It’s a medium tempo, pop-rock kind of song. That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for any help.

The Lemonheads - It’s A Shame About Ray

If that’s not it, tell us more about the singer: male or female, etc.

Some things need to go away.

There are worse songs to have stuck in my head.

Or try:

The Mollies - Fancies Are Fiends!

Are we still dragging out the Rio by Duran Duran cliche?

That’s it. Thanks. I knew I would know the band. This is exactly the kind of music I would have been listening to in the early 90s, I just never got into the Lemonheads for some reason.

I don’t understand.

You asked… :eek: