Identify this teaching book based on vague clues

Years ago, I used a picture book for language learning. It had absolutely no words. Instead, it had hand illustrated images of different items grouped logically. It was enormously useful for teaching and learning vocabulary. I’d like to buy a copy, butt have no idea what it was called.

I seem to recall a blue cover with black and white illustrations and maybe some red on it.

Any ideas?

How is it supposed to help to learn a language if it has absolutely no words? Do you mean no words in the learner’s native language? If that’s what you mean, I remember seeing something like that in my college library. Try searching for “pictorial dictionary,” “picture dictionary,” or “visual dictionary.”

It’s helpful for tutoring. It’s like a picture dictionary but with no words.

I remember a book like that to help with sounds, but I had it when I was in 2nd grade in France at a bilingual school. That was almost 50 years ago though so…

Hey! Found it! It’s French though…

Bien Lire Et Aimer Lire
This was my book, way back when. I remember that cover :slight_smile:

I found it! It’s called Lexicarry. They’ve added color and changed the cover since the edition I had. Thanks everyone!

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All of my children and all of my grandchildren have Richard Scarry’s, “Best Word Book, Ever”. Don’t want printed words? Ignore them.