Identify this TV series/miniseries/movie about Conrish rebellion?

I have vague memories about a television series or movie or miniseries about a rebellion in Cornwall. The only detail I can pin down is that the redcoated and bewigged British general in charge of putting down the revolt was a Scot named Ferguson.

So, is that enough detail for anyone to pin down (1) the series or (2) the historical event on which it was based?

Sorry for such a dearth of detail …

Hmmm… there was a notable Cornish Rebellion, but that was in 1497, long before wigs and red coats.

And there was a miniseries, The Year of the French, about an Irish rebellion that was put down by a bewigged general named Cornwallis.

I’m treadin’ water here, ain’t I?

It was definitely Ferguson. Maybe he was a colonel.

There was a Jacobite rising in Cornwall in 1715 (as well as in other parts of the country)…could that be it?

Try the 70s TV series Poldark. Though there’s nobody named Ferguson that I can see.

I watched the entire Poldark series about 10 years ago I think. I don’t recall there being an armed uprising that was put down by British troops. Was there?

You sure it wasn’t the American rebellion? Because the American Revolution featured a Scottish officer named Ferguson who was killed in the battle of King’s Mountain.

And of course, he reported to Lord Cornwallis.