Ideology or witticism.

Witticism or ideology??
My last thread got shut down.
There’s absolutely no reason to argue.
I liked the idea that Marxism could be mistaken to be a witticism.
But I bow down to the pressure.
Politics in general are always so dead serious. In my last thread, entitled Marxism, I was dead on.
I was tired and almost asleep but I wanted to speak about a political philosophy, ideology, what not, in terms of not being an ism and swallowing down what really gave me the creeps.
I lived in Poland between 1979 and 1980. For a full year. The portraits of Lenin and Marx and other communist dignitaries everywhere were such a cynical in your face trick to make everyone believe post facto that this represents a well-founded authority.
Everybody knew very well that the Communists had killed millions of “bourgeois”, aristocrats, gentry (Szlachta), well-to-do farmers. You name it, in short The Rich on who they were officially exacting revenge for social inequality and injustice.
It’s still a cloaked political tactic not to mention these horrors. Why?
We are Stalin’s “manure”.
There’s a communist party of Canada, for instance, which should normally be illegal as well as forbidden.
Why isn’t it clear for ALL people that this multinational party aims to carry out a world revolution?
Its main goal is to kill and rob the new “bourgeois” who must not feel quaint or safe.
They are in real danger from this party.
There’s as I suspect an unfinished corrupt business with the lost fortunes of the families that disappeared.
Of course, the Nazis targeted the intellectual class, the rich, too in Poland as soon as the war started.
I think that there must be lots left to steal especially in eastern European countries.
Which includes stuff in so-called antique stores. Are you familiar with the Nazis’ Möbelaktion?
The Commies had their own furniture action.
They stole loads of furniture specifically.
It gave my father nightmares so he’d loathe moveable types of personal property.
He always purchased second hand furniture afterwards. After the war that is.
I believe that antiques in Poland are largely stolen property. Not just the furniture either.
The Communists were all underworld types.
They came from the crime milieu.
Polish politics, alright, politics were just another opportunity to commit crimes under a cover of legitimacy.
I’ve concluded that Poland is corrupt, its government is rotten to the core.
But the actual illegal business with the money and derelict estates, movables and the rest, including names and so forth (coats of arms) is probably international.
People like me aren’t in a good position financially to research just our genealogies.
Bringing democracy to the world as a result of American politics, with the USA’s partner Stalin, and the Nazis, is why we are unable to do anything.
The tables have been turned.
It’s despicable.
Don’t you think?
Marxism today is definitely not only about the sexual revolution, for example.
It is about the rotten corrupt leftovers business from the war.
AND we’re still manure for the ground under the world revolution. (Stalin).
You don’t need to worry if you have rich ancestors.
The working CLASS (it’s supposed to be a classless society) is a sitting duck for exploiters desiring to enslave it.
Not suggesting that workers, labor whatever, are idle in today’s world. Just pay attention to the future.
Marx, to me, is a little like Mirra Alfassa.
An occultist.
The reason for the Occult’s existence is to cloak the murders of rich people.
And the robbery of them too.
By the Communists who are just an underworld consisting of criminals.
Today you’d probably say gangstas. Subculture. If you were as paranoid and stricken as my deceased father.
He was suspicious of the hippies during the 60’s even.
Ostensibly Poland is ruled over by ex Communists. They are still dangerous crooks.
Marx was a philosopher and Alfassa was a guru. Just saying. The “revolution” to all outward appearances has its own architects of thought. It is really a heist.
It is well planned ahead since the last two centuries and extremely dangerous.

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Still better than postmodernism.

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