Grotesque unearthly bad monument.

My problem is with Poland. The government there isn’t doing anything about remembering the Polish victims from Auschwitz death camp.
We have grotesquely bad and evil as well as ugly monuments to the victims.
A heap of dirt in a circular container with a round skylight or opening in its roof.
I’m reminded at the same time that the victims are not just dirt, they are manure, fertilizer.
Because those are the words from the Stalinist vocabulary.
I believe saying manure is probably unofficial but not prohibited.
It stands for the usual vulgarity of the Stalinists. Of the communists.
My aunt Kasia was deported to Siberia with her two children at the start of WW2.
By a Jew who had joined the Soviets, a man called Kaplan who originally was her family’s doctor.
When she tried protesting against being sent to Siberia, the “good” doctor said that if they died there, they would become manure for the world revolution.
She survived to tell the story but one of her children died during the deportation.
I have personally heard the word manure to describe the Polish victims of genocide by the Nazis, and the Soviets, a few times right here in Montreal Quebec Canada. Mainly from Jews.
Stalin sympathizers.
Think K. Marx. (A Jew).
These are the underlying connections.
It’s unfair and it’s personally shocking to me.
Is there still a world communist revolution underway?
I mean, a Canadian farmer once told me that I was manure. But he was just adhering to the Yalta agreement.
There’s a new museum of the history of Polish Jews, POLIN, in Warsaw Poland.
We are exposed to Jewish Holocaust survivors and their stories in the media on a daily basis.
Israel has practically taken control of Auschwitz and it’s as if not a single Pole was ever sent there and got killed.
The people in Poland are often despicable profiteers and opportunists, such as those in government, when it comes to Israel and the budding new Jewish community.
It’s sick.
There’s not a single place to remember and to honour the POLISH victims of the death camp, there were almost 3 million of them, they were sent to the camp first before any Jews.
I mean a decent place as opposed to the monuments to dirt from the Communist period.
One thing that really bothers me is that both the Nazis and the Soviets targeted the bourgeoisie above all. First in line.
The Rich. Well-to-do farmers. The big land owners. The aristocracy. The intellectual elite.
You should relate to the fact, in order to understand, that there was a caste in power in Poland before WW2.
There existed a caste system. The aristocracy, the Szlachta, had all the power.
It makes be angry that these targets have been all exterminated.
Wiped out.
I’ve heard stories from survivors about entire families getting killed, for example, thrown into a well with a grenade getting tossed in after.
According to me there’s a cover-up about the fate of the Rich. How many bourgeois did the Soviets kill and rob in Russia alone?
The Yalta accord is one reason there’s a cover-up.
How can the USA live with that?
The Communist party of Canada would still target the new rich from the post WW2 era.
Who’s naive about it? The Party ought to be illegal.
Is there a racket worldwide concerning the remnants of the wealth of the missing Rich who got targeted above all by Nazis and Soviets?
I mean, even the despicable business with aristocratic titles.
My father was a prince. I should know.
He’d lost everything during the war.
We were the new poor.
Now what?
My great-grandfather was a doctor who described an artery of the human body that bears his name. ADAMKIEWICZ. Yet my family doesn’t control an ounce of this business such as the books which he wrote and that somebody published. I googled it.
I personally suspect that my great-grandfather’s fortune big or small got robbed by the Rothschilds.
I’ve got Jewish roots on my father’s side of the family.
Anyway, my problem was and remains with Poland where the Yalta accord is wreaking havoc.
When will we ever be in a position to honour the Polish victims of genocide? To claim our rights? To celebrate Polish freedom?
The government is corrupt and the world doesn’t care. Or does it? Yalta is causing it too.
In the worst occult way, we are faced with the aftershocks of WW2. Occult as in the J. Conrad story. The secret sharer. Because the world revolution to come should clearly be about wide scale murder and pillaging. I am warning everyone.
Shame on the USA and Great-Britain because of Yalta.
The Russians did not liberate Poland. They killed any surviving freedom fighters.
They enslaved the workers.
The Nazis thought that the Polish people were inferior. They were going to make them slaves. Read: only the working class was meant to survive. Or, they planned to exterminated them all.

Thanks for the warning.

Uh, now work hard and save money and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps? That’s what the “old poor”, as opposed to the “new poor”, are always getting told to do, after all.

In any case, though I feel sorry for everyone who suffered in the war, including members of my father’s family who were killed in the camps, I think those who were lucky enough to survive it ought to be counting their blessings, not sulking over the loss of their former social status as privileged aristocrats.

Although I for one am perfectly willing to refer to the OP as “Prince mrka”, if it will make him feel better.

It’s gonna be OK, dude. The STORM is coming. The winds of change signal the beginning of the STORM. Where we go one, We go all. What is dark will come to light. #qanon #thegreatawakening #MAGA #WWG1WGA

Now take your meds and get some sleep, dude,

mrka, your bio says you were acutely psychotic for many years. Perhaps it’s time to update your psychiatrist on what’s been going on with you and your thoughts.
Other posters: Given the specific circumstances, it would be unkind to gang up on him. The post is unlikely to have originated from meanness but rather confusion.

Fair point, MichaelEmouse. Reported.

All of the OP’s threads have been similar to this.

Another anti-Jewish diatribe from mrka.

You found something in English? A brief google shows me only pages in Polish.

Just as a point of fact, the Canadian Communist Party has held exactly one seat in parliament in their history, from 1945-1949. Also, at the time of WWII Canada didn’t exactly want any Jewish immigrants to the country. But don’t let fact get in the way of whatever the hell the OP is.

Here we are at the heart of the OP’s rant. Which has been consistent with previous posts.

Most scientists do not become wealthy. There’s not a lot of money in medical texts. I believe you think you are owed something that doesn’t exist and never did.

(Deleted in deference to MichaelEmouse)

No need for deference, I’m not a Moderator and my sensibilities deserve no more regard than anyone else’s. I just thought we might too hastily conclude that OP is a mean person when the problem is that his brain has difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction. I’m uneasy when I see instances of people ganging up to play “kick the 'tard” on Internet. I’d rather see the bile reserved for truly horrible vermin like Flyer.


There are probably very few fields where having some obscure discovery named after you leads to a large multi-generational revenue stream.

Tell that to Fiona Apple!

It’s a funny thing to be fixated on.

What’s to own? Just because you find a thing and name it, doesn’t insure you fame and fortune! Do you imagine behind every named organ and artery lies a multigenerational family dynasty, of wealth as the result? That’s kinda crazy.

Also, of course you don’t own or control the books he wrote. He sold them to the company who published them, because that’s how that works. He received pay for those books as was negotiated with the publisher at the time. Monies he no doubt used to support his family and pay his bills.

Why do you believe there should be some left for you, two generations later? Just be proud that something he discovered, still bears his name, all these years later.

Minor scientific discoveries will bring some renown within a select, small community, but not usually large financial rewards.

Far Side cartoon, Dr. to patient: I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you’re the first person to get what you have. The good news is that we can name it after you.

Thanks a lot.
I am taking my medication.
I was simply thinking, where my great-grandfather is concerned, that nobody is never consulted on anything in my family. It’s as if we didn’t exist. One short bio in Poland mentioned that he died forgotten by everybody. My father met him, of course, and said that Albert was funny and loving. He had quite a few friends. I don’t remember their names.
My grandfather and his brother were in the Polish government before WW2. Some far-right people in Poland accuse them of being crypto Jews.
My great-grandfather and his wife Adel Kazimera Reichman are buried in a Catholic cemetery in Vienna.
Of course, they probably didn’t own a fortune.
But it would be nice if someone who deals in the business of publishing his books, for instance, would at least do the research to understand that he did not die forgotten.
His descendants don’t forget. He is a real person with lots of descendants.
I am not anti Jewish except when the Jews attack Poland for no reason.
Like saying that “a crowd of Polish people” attacked and murdered a group of Jews in Kielce.
The site of a massacre.
Try doing the work to identify the culprits.
And my subject is about Poland in that context of forgetfulness respecting genocide.
Jews seem to have grievances and compensations.
Not us?
It’s all quite shocking, really, and so is Yalta.