Sevastopol, what the fuck?

I would like to know what you meant by this comment in [thread=293049]this thread[/thread]? I have never advocated pedophilia in this or any thread. If you have any evidence to the contrary, please post it here. Otherwise what you are doing is slander, and pretty fucking despicable, a new low even for someone who has advocated genocide and wished death on U.S. troops.

Fuck you.

That should have been “your comment” not “this comment” and it should have been "any thread or anywhere else.

It was post 35 in the linked thread.

Sorry about the lack of clarity but I am REALLY pissed off right now.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Figured I’d give you some links as Sevastopil is a complete bastard.

“How is that bad? Remember that the US forces are the criminals in this war. The individuals and body alike. They voted for the party who started it. Let them die, preferably in agony as well as the disgrace they so richly deserve.”

And of course, my favorite In which he defends the deliberate and cold blooded murder of a pregnant woman and her children, because they were Israeli settlers.
(that whole thread is a hoot)

Hey Sevastapol, I think I hear the Billy Goats Gruff coming…

Everything he’s listed as saying here sounds pretty stupid, but do we need to start one of these “Build-up-to-ban” things, or can we just tear apart stupid arguments and let the people with marginal ideas hang around,dispite vehement disagreement?

wolftsu I appreciate what you’re saying but I didn’t start this thread just to denounce somebody. I just don’t like being slandered, that’s all.

I think he has you confused with Larry Mudd, who, while no advocate of pedophilia, does have some unorthodox views on teenage sexuality.

I guess they might be considered unorthodox in some corners, but in my neck of the woods they’re community standards and recognized as such by law.

I dunno if mistaken identity is the explanation for sevastopol’s outragous slander (a quick review confirms that he was a non-participant in the only recent thread on that subject I’ve opined in – though I suppose he might have lurked,) and I have a hard time believing that anyone would consider my two posts there would likely be seen by anyone as a defense of paedophilia.

Either way, sev ought to lay off the crack pipe. Or take a pill. Whichever works.

Oh yeah – Edit, then preview. (Pardon my redundant clause.)

A redundant clause?
A redundant clause!
That’s it motherfucker!
Pistols at dawn! :eek:

No, no problem. I think opening the thread was entirely legitimate. I just saw, in Milkman Dan’s comments, inklings that it was about to turn into something else.

We don’t have Redundant Claus in our country, but as I understand it he’s the chap in the red suit responsible for Boxing Day in countries of the Commonwealth.

As long as we’ve got a pit thread open on this loser

This shit really pisses me off

Makes a claim that there were ‘zionist considerations’ for the war in Iraq.

Which is, of course, code for “them Zionists helped get us into this mess!”
Or more sinsterly, “Them Zionists are to blame for this mess!”

And then he refuses to give a single cite, in GD none the less!
And not only that, has the fucking nerve to imply that I am somehow conducting ‘bad practices’ by asking for a cite.

Oh, and, to the OP, don’t mean to hijack your thread… but as long as that asshole is being pitted, I figured he’s fair game, right? Besides, something tells me he doesn’t have enough honor to apologize to you.

At first I thought he was merely playing Devil’s Advocate in order to prove a point to PaulFitzroy. I guess that’s not the case, is it?

I guess I’ll buy the mistaken identity hypothesis. But I’m still pissed.

I mean suppose I had written Larry Mudd’s posts. Or suppose he had written mine in the linked thread. While LM’s posts may raise debatable points, no rational person could construe them as even close to promoting pedophilia. (I know, I know, Sevastopol is not a member of the set of rational persons.) Now there are a lot of guests here who cannot search. Not to mention all the unregistered lurkers currently lurking. They’re going to have the impression that Larry whoever posted something like “I like to have sex with small children and I think society should encourage this practice.” Mistaken identity or not, it’s still slander.

And while I’m here I’ll apologize to the SDMB in general for instigating in the linked thread. Those new “Poster X banned” threads in ATMB seem so pit-like I forgot where I was.

Wow. I’ve never noticed Sevastopol before on the board. After reading some of the links provided in this thread, I’m shocked that this person is still posting and hasn’t been banned yet.

It takes a lot to get banned from the SDMB. Too much IMO. Somebody like Sevastopol shouldn’t be allowed to get up to 800+ posts. Aldeberan has thousands of posts and still hasn’t been banned. It’s very frustrating to read the hate filled rants of these idiots for such a long time before something is done about them.

Whoa, now. As far as I know, Aldeberan has never slandered anyone. Also While I have a lot of disagreements with Alde, and while his posts about “US’ers” can be way over the top, I’ve never seen quite the vitriol I’ve seen from Sevastopol, who is in a class by himself.

Sevastopol is posting in the Pit.

Oi, you!

Eh, he can post in here, to give me an apology. Frankly I think he owes you one too, Larry Mudd. Otherwise I don’t care what he has to say.

Ayuh, I was just giving a little bump by way of attracting his attention.