Sevastopol, what the fuck?

Sorry, misread your post. I thought you were saying “Heads up, you!” meaning me. But I guess you were saying “Hey, You!” meaning S.

Wow. The guy accuses you of advocating pedophilia, gets called on it, and has yet to come in here and provide cite or apology.

Wow. How pathetic.

I’m giving this thread a bump. The offending thread is still on page one of ATMB, and it takes a while for ATMB threads, even locked ATMB threads to sink. Since the Offending thread is locked I can’t link from it to here, so I’m giving this thread one more tour on the first pit page, so any guest or lurker who reads the accusation there will (hopefully) stumble on my reply here.

After this the ATMB thread will sink so I promise I won’t bump this thread any more.

Except in Canada, where it’s Notwithstanding Claus.

You don’t? We have two of them. One doesn’t do much, though.

Having just read the linked threads, all I can say Larry Borgia, is that he owes you a huge apology.

and FinnAgain, you, sir, have the patience and restraint of a saint.

BMalion: Thank you kindly

Happy New Year to all!!!
May it be, in all respect, a better one than last.

Long life and happiness.