Whatever happened to that whacky, carefree, cannibal psycho-dictator? :confused:

Last I heard, he was in an insane asylum in Saudi Arabia, but rumors are he got out. How? What’s he up to now? And are the rumors true? Is he the new Spice Girl? Will he co-host a talk show with Pat Boone? Come on, people. I need answers!

Word on the street is that Dude’s got the syph, so if you run into him, no hanky panky.

Insane asylum?

New Internationalist Issue 275 - where are they now?
(note - this issue appeared in 1996)

Idi Amin Dada
NOW - Deposed by an invading Tanzanian army in 1979, Amin and his two wives fled to Saudi Arabia, where he initially cost his hosts, the Saudi Royal family, around $2,000 a day. He now lives a quiet life in a modest villa outside Jeddah, looking after his goats and chickens and cultivating his vegetable garden. Traditional Arab garb has replaced the bemedalled Field Marshal’s uniform of his heyday. And his social highlight is meeting other Ugandan exiles for coffee in one of Jeddah’s main hotels.

Here’s what The Black World Today had to say:

Idi Amin just won’t go away (04-30-99)
By Wairagala Wakabi