Idle/Aykroyd (SNL does Frost/Nixon)

Could someone with better Google-fu than I, please help me find the Saturday Night Live sketch that parodied the Frost/Nixon interviews?

I’ve been able to find the transcript, but I’d like to find video of the sketch. As far as I can tell there isn’t a search function on the SNL website, and I’ve scrolled through all of their available 70s videos with no luck. I’ve also tried Googling: Idle SNL Frost Nixon- as well as a few other variations.

It’s in Episode 20 of season 2, April 23, 1977, Eric Idle as the host. I watched it just recently while working my way through the Season 2 box set.

Ah, good answer to the question I asked.
The questions I should have asked would have been: Can the sketch be found online anywhere?

You can buy the whole episode for $1.99 on iTunes.

Oh! That’s very different.

Never mind.