Idol Final Three - Spoilers

Am I the only one still watching American Idol? Still don’t understand the P2 love, but I did like his second song on performance night; not sure what was up with Jimmy and the judges. That sax player was hot as hell too,

The send-off song performance by Joshua was amazing. How do you keep it together after being cut out of the finale?

I don’t think there has ever been such a strong final three and no one deserved to go home.

I’ve only watched American Idol twice, two days in a row a couple weeks ago when I was visiting my mom and she watches it.

I am not surprised Jessica made it, as the blonde seemed too unsure of herself <still!> and the other girl could really only sing ONE WAY, and every song she did turned into the same thing.

But I can’t believe they let Josh go. I couldn’t see any appeal to the other guy at all, but Josh really had ‘it’, whatever it is. The other guy…enh. My first impression <only impression, since I watched just those two shows> was “Youtube Artist”.

We’re still watching, though I fumbled the DVR last night half asleep and managed to delete it instead of playing. doh

That’s Mindi Abair, a b-list smooth-jazz player. According to my boss, she’s not so much in person.

Realizing that it is a reality contest game show and that you have been given a level of exposure that you could never have achieved without AI, and that you have built a fan base during this chance of a lifetime. Oh, and you have the rest of your life and career ahead of you and your future is wide open.

I was all set to respond for the past couple of days (and bump my “remainder of season” thread…guess I won’t be doing that now), but I got caught up in Assassin’s Creed Revelation. Which, despite its lackluster reviews, I’m finding a helluva lot more entertaining than American Idol.

If I had to pick who left, I’d have given a SLIGHT edge to Jessica, but I don’t see anything wrong with Joshua leaving. He’s made his mark, and nobody seriously thinks that his brand of bombastic soul is going to make him a mainstream success. (Also, I just learned that his father is a preacher, which must’ve made his rendition of Imagine very awkward.)

Not sure what more needs to be said, really. In fact, I’m now firmly convinced that there’s absolutely no point of having a final 2. The gritty underdogs and lovable losers and dark horses have been sent packing. The fanbases have been set; the lines have been drawn. What reason do we have to believe that the person who was first in the round of 3 won’t be there again in the big finale? In the past, there were enough factors…fatigue, shifts in voting, fans jumping ship, unexpected problems/breakthroughs with certain songs, etc…that the finale at least had the potential for suspense. All of that is long gone now. Heck, both finallists have been propped up so much, the Vote-For-The-Worst punks don’t even have anyone. I just don’t see that there’s anything left to be decided or anything we haven’t seen before. I feel the same way about this as I do about a wedding. We all know the score, so just quietly make it official and throw a big party. (Well, it would be the other way around here, but you get the idea.)

Gotta say, those homecomings are getting completely over the top, especially since there’s no guarantee that any of them will amount to anything. I mean, if the town wants to come out with posters and cheerleaders impromptu speeches, fine, that’s reasonable. But stadiums full of screaming fans? Parades? Holidays declared? A Navy flag officer came out in support of Jessica, fer cryin’ out loud! I just think something is inappropriate of giving rock star treatment to contestants on a reality show who’ve accomplished nothing yet. Just sayin’.

So…Philip or Jessica, Jessica or Philip…I’ll have to think about this a bit.

Josh can’t win, so a lesser singer (as usual) will win.

I have loved Philip Philips since the auditions, so I am glad to see him in the finale. Jessica’s singing leaves me cold, although she seems like a sweet kid.

Philip’s rendition of We’ve Got Tonight was killer. Great song choice for him.

It can actually be easier for a runner-up on Idol to come out with good music later on than for the winner. At least here in Finland, the winner has pushed out a record in 2-3 months after the win, which doesn’t really give you time to flesh out the music any, and it’s very basic Idols-style pop music. A friend of a friend of mine came in second place a few years ago, which was pretty much the best thing that could have happened because it gave her the opportunity to take 6 months to work on a record that sounded like her and not Idols.

I’d like to see Jessica win, although I don’t think being the winner matters that much in the long run. That girl has a hell of a voice.

I like Phillip too, but he doesn’t have as much range. Josh did nothing for me, I’m not sure why.

I gave up on AI the year that Taylor Hicks won but my sister was visiting so I watched the final three perform.

Gotta say, I liked them all but was glad, ultimately, that Philip P and Jessica were the last two standing. Although I see that Joshua had a BIG voice, his brand of belting it out just doesn’t do it for me.

I do wish AI would fix the way the voting happens. There are problems anyway it works but I think unlimited voting skews the results a lot.

Anyway, I’ll watch the final two perform because I did think they were both remarkable in their own way.

Unbelievable–the original song they gave Philip Philips was actually a good song!

I’m on board with the unlimited voting. The teenagers that vote 45 times are the ones that are going to buy the CDs (iTunes) and posters and go to the concerts and get the T-shirts and ringtones and tell their friends about it and watch AI next year and the people that vote 2 or 3 times are the ones that’ll grab the single from iTunes, listen to it on the radio and the people that vote once are the ones that won’t turn the song off when it comes on the radio etc etc etc.

It makes sense that the people that are going to spend more money on the winner should carry more weight then the people that aren’t going to spend anything. IMO it follows that those people will, of their own volition, vote more times.

Let’s just say you could only vote one time. If I was going to vote, I’d vote for Phillip. I’m not going to get a PP iTune, I’m not going to buy his record, I’m not going to buy any posters or t-shirts, I’m extremely unlikely to spend any money at all on him, I don’t even listen to the pop stations he’s going to be played on (at least at the beginning of his career). So why should I cancel out a vote for Jessica when that vote was from some girl who, if Jessica should win, would likely have spent at least a hundred dollars on her the first year she was out on her own after the AI tour? Now, if that hyperactive 15 year old could call 35 times, she would cancel out 35 people just like me that, even without the restriction would probably only vote once.

Remember, it’s a business, it’s not about entertaining the people, it’s not about being fair, it’s about making money, it’s not even about finding the best singer, it’s about finding out which person will be able to rake in the most cash…and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as everyone understands what they’re getting into. Allowing people to vote as many times as they can helps them figure out who is going to have the most money spent on them. Now, you can’t just make your one phone call and be done for the night, you have to put effort in to keep your favorite around. If you’re willing to spend the next four hours making that phone call over and over, you’re more likely to download the single and go to the concert and buy the t-shirt and do other things that’ll make them more valuable…which in turn makes future AIs even more valuable.

The fact that I am the first to even comment on the winner speaks volumes for how low this show has [del]stunk[/del] sunk this year.

For the first time ever, I didn’t even bother to watch the last few weeks and only turned on the final performance night because I was cooking and wanted something on TV in the background.

Didn’t care who won - both were decent singers, but neither one was particularly special.

This might be the last year I even bother watching this show - either there are no more great original singers left in the US, or the judges are choosing cute and young over edgy and talented. Bowersox had a Joplin soul style, Lambert had flair and style - this season it was like watching the cast of Up With People perform one bland song after another, with the puppet judges oooing and ahhing every minute. Yawn.

Oops - forgot to mention the winner - Philip Philips. We’ll see how far PP goes. He is cute (surprise, surprise) so maybe he can get some little girl and Gayboy fans to show up at some concerts for a few years and let him get a start. I will be surprised if we hear from him again in about three years but who knows…

I saw Jennifer Holliday in Dreamgirls on Broadway back in the day, and I do not remember the crazy eyes and jawing she did last night. At one point I thought she was going to eat Jessica Sanchez.

Meh – I suppose that’s why Taylor Hicks is such a megastar.:dubious:

There’s a lot of ground in between 1 vote and unlimited, as many times as you can get in, votes and I think the latter may amount to way more than 45. So to my way of thinking there’s still a way to give the “BIG SPENDERS” more weight and shut down skewed results from robo calls.

One good thing–this was by FAR the best winner’s single ever.

That was seriously bizarre.

I’m hoping for a SNL parody.