American Idol: 4/6-4/7/11

Too bad Jeff Beck cancelled.

That was the shittiest version of Piece of My Heart I’ve ever heard on this show. That chick has no soul at all, plus she was pitchy as shit. I wish Simon was still here to tell these kids how much they suck. Nobody tells the truth on this show anymore.

But hey! Jacob had a good backup singer. :slight_smile:

Did Lauren’s mirror only show her the top half of that outfit?

Casey was good. I like when he brings out the stand-up bass. I wish he’d do it every week.

I still can’t remember a single girl’s name. They’re all so boring.

Man, now it really sucks that Jeff Beck bailed. It would have been great to hear him play on While My Guitar Gently Weeps instead of this assclown from their shitty house band. needs to shut up.

Loved James’ song choice and I think he pulled it off.

My five year old is going around singing “Piece of My Heart,” now. She’s going around singing, “come on, come on, come on come on…”

Haven’t watched all season but my wife put it on for a few minutes when the Twins game got rained out. We saw some guy saying he would do Man in the Mirror and if he got voted off it wasn’t because he was a bad singer, it was because the audience didn’t want to look in the mirror. That was all we could take and we turned off the TV.

I hate Scotty enough to do him physical harm, but I can’t say he sucks.

I suppose to the young, a New Janis Joplin is quite the novelty (as if the world is crying out for a New Janis Joplin - well, what do I know, maybe they are). Wheel, re-invented. I have a sinking feeling Haley is going to be the winner. She and whatsisname, Taylor Hicks, could team up while she gets her first and last moment of fame.

God, are those judges totally in love with each and every contestant or what? It’s a love fest, week after week.

I almost started tonight’s thread myself because of this very thing. What a dickhead. Also, he sucked (and I loooooove looking in the mirror:p)

This song should not be sung by a nutless 12 year old.

As much as I hate country music, and would never in a million years buy an album
Of his, Scotty is the most talented this year. He always nails it, is set up perfectly for performance NOW. He’s going to be a big star, very likely for a long, long time.

Kenny Loggins Jr. Has to be the most consistently annoying contestant of the season. Way to piss all over Johnny Cash.

Paul needs to go to prison for killing Johnny Cash.

I knew the judges were going to cream all over Paul. :mad:

“Folsom Prison Blues” is supposed to be a sad, grim lament from a prisoner who has thrown his life away and is profoundly remorseful. That kid just sang the whole thing up-tempo, grinning like a jack-ass, like it was “Jailhouse Rock.”

Does anyone have a link to performances? I had a link, but I can’t seem to get the current videos now.

I don’t think they post them until after the West Coast airs.

I have a vague recollection of some blog that posted them as they were aired so I didn’t have to wait until the show aired in my time zone. I could be wrong, though. Oh, I don’t mean any kind of official link - just a personal blog.