American Idol 3/16 to 3/17

A dozen left. I wish Haley would go, but Paul might be the one to take off tomorrow night.

Paul was pretty off key. And he’s a luttle too precious for my tatste.

I kind of like that Durbin brings the rock every week, and I appreciated Steven telling him not to get “too commercial.” Simon would have said just the opposite. He hated rock.

Yeah, pot…kettle…ya know. Steven Tyler telling a rock singer not to get “poppy” is like Gene Simmons telling someone not to over-merchandise.

I’d like Durbin to do some Queensryche or Guns N Roses.

I hate when women sing in that “little girl” style. Paul looks and sounds ridiculous.

Speaking of Simon, I think it’s just a matter of time until Randy develops an English accent.

“Best persformance of the night?” I thought that was pretty boring, actually. This Stefano kid is the blandest of the bland.

Who’s this mentor?

Can this kid do anything but this cornball, shit kicking, country garbage?

WTF? What is wrong with my Casey?

Wow! Nirvana! Casey was great. Fearless! I agree.
You didn’t like it, DB?

That was pretty bad. Nirvana, yes, “Teen Spirit,” no. Did not nail. That freaking shitty house band didn’t do him any favors either. There was no guitar. Why haven’t they fired whoever does the sound mixing on this show? He’s screwed more singers than Warren Beatty.

Casey should have done something else off of Nevermind - “Lithium,” would have been good, and let him showcase the bass line.

I didn’t think Casey could achieve the level of grit that he did in his voice. If it weren’t for the horrible band, that would have been much better. Picture it with someone who actually knows how to kick ass playing backup instrumentation.

I guess these judges like it ok, but Simon would have torn that apart. I like Casey, but that just wasn’t a good song choice. If you get a chance to do Nirvana, don’t waste it on “Teen spirit.”

Maybe I’m taking too many points away from Casey because of his total lack of support from the band. He sounded like a bass player jamming in his bedroom with headphones on, so all you could hear was the bass and the vocals.

Sorry, Delores! I don’t even like Nirvana.

This one - Lauren? - worst of the night. Also extra points off for telling me to sing along.

I didn’t like the guy who sang Heart.

I know he tried very hard, but it was sooo pitchy and screechy. Jacob, they said his name was.

Best of the night: Stefano, Pia (and her Celine Dion meets Nascar Pit Crew jumpsuit), Scotty (great tone), Jacob
Good: Casey, James, Lauren
Not so good, but probably safe: Paul, Thia
Potentially going home: Naima, Haley, Karen

I thought he started a little weak, but ended up liking it. He was wobbly, but it was a decent interpretation. I liked that he did something with it instead of just singing it.