American idol 3/23 to 3/24

I’m predicting that Naima or Paul will be next to go, or maybe Casey.

What say you?

Didn’t see a thread yet. Motown week.

Casey was pretty good.
Thia blew.
-hate that kid-can’t remember his name and just watched him.
Lauren was better than usual.

Reported. We have one already(2 minutes before you). :slight_smile:

I’m watching. I’ve been terribly bored, except when I was hating Nuts of Wonder.

Whoa… thread meld…

I thought Stefano was the worst I’d seen in awhile.
Then I heard Haley. Aw. Ful.

Casey, once again, was ridiculous with his teddy-bear demented look, Scotty turned in a horrendous and lifeless performance, and of course the judges fell all over themselves with praise. I was so disgusted I stopped my recording in the middle and canceled all future recordings. I am done with this shit.

Oh my. I don’t know what to think about Naima, but she’s not boring.

Stephen must be drinking out of Paula’s old cup.

Naima’s singing was much better this week. She’s always been a kickass dancer.

Pia is by far the best singer. I agree she needs to do something different next time. The one to beat though.

Paul wasn’t terrible, one of his better jobs. Not great though.

Naima frightens me.

Okay, James has convinced me he ought to be the next American Idol.

James does pick good songs for himself. Definitely the most entertaining tonight.

Yeah, that was a stellar performance by James. First time I’ve really started liking him.

Jacob and James were the best, but there were no really terrible performances all night. I think Haley goes home by virtue of being forgettable.

I’m way behind tonight, but just wanna know if someone can’t shut Randy up!!! I can’t stand when he tries to be cool and says just totally stupid stuff. He is annoying me more tonight that usual too. GRR.

Paul, Scotty and Thia in the bottom three. Thia has a good voice, but she lacks experience to create emotional depth of performance.

Pia, James and Jacob in the top. Pia’s voice is flawless, James is the best entertainer.

Everybody else did well, better than usual.

Wow, good night. James was great. I haven’t been a huge fan, but he was great tonight.

Best: James, Paul (loved that whisper at the end), Casey

Just finished watching. I think J-Lo has something going on underneath the desk. She seems to be in perpetual euphoria. BTW, I would like to be that thing going on underneath the desk. I think she is gorgeous.

I thought James, Pia, and Casey were excellent. I think I would like Jacob better if I liked his personality. He seems (insert Simon Cowell adjective) indulgent.

Scotty (Nutz of Wonder) is just weird looking, but he has a perfect country singing voice. He will make the rodeo circuit

Paul will find a career in one of the smaller casinos in Vegas.

Some strange dancing from Naima. Memorable though. That will probably keep her another week.

Southern girl is probably leaving. mercifully.

The boys seem to be better singers. And Pia.

Well, six of one, really…

After last week, I was done with Paul, but he sort of redeemed himself this week. Sort of. I mean, he smiled through a not-so-happy song, but at least it was consistent with the lyrics? Also, he does better when he has the guitar.

Stefano was the trainwreck this week, but not even in an entertaining Megan Joy sort of way. It was just schlocky. I’ve heard enough from him. Can he please go home now?

I thought this was a good week for Jacob. I’m not usually a fan. I continue to like Pia, and I think I’d like Haley in a couple of years when (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) she has a better sense of who she is as an artist. (Shoot me now. Simon has taken over my brain.)

I think Steven was sort of bored this week, no?

We are watching on DVR delay.

Stefano sang “Hello”? With the whole Motown catalog available?

That’s like visiting New York City and choosing to dine at Applebee’s.

Saw Scotty’s performance.

He is the living embodiment of the old saw, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.

I’d say his range of singing styles run the gamut from A to B, but his range is not quite that wide. Wasn’t there already a Country Star show?