American Idol: 3/9-3/10/11

Anybody still watching this.

Casey was ok, not really as great as the judges said, but not bad. I wish he’d brought out the bass, though. I’m glad he kept in the “I get high” parts on “With a Little Help from My friends.” AI is usually really pussy about stuff like that, but then again, what the hell is Steven Tyler going to say about it?

Now that we’re at the live shows, the lack of a Simon is starting to hurt more. There are no real critiques. Just fluff.

Goddamn it, Dio, you and I simulposted the thread. I was shocked that there wasn’t one yet. I’m timeshifting as usual, so I’m just now starting to watch it. J-Lo’s lips have a life of their own tonight.

Disappointing Ryan Adams cover. I love Ryan Adams and Paul McDonald is good but “Come Pick Me Up” is not an upbeat song that needs to be smiled and danced throughout the whole thing. Pick “New York, New York” or “To Be Young” if you wanna do that. And then you wouldn’t have to change the lyrics too.

That Paul McDonald guy sounded weird. He wasn’t singing the opening part as much as speaking it with a funny voice.

This yodeling thing is just not my cup of tea. It’s nails on a chalkboard to me.

To put my initial claim another way, even if there was some kind original historical basis for the story, the Gospel versions are still lifted from the LXX, not from anecdotal or oral history.

Reminder: This season’s AI Pool is up and running in The Game Room. Gotta be signed up before Thursday’s results show.

Oops. Wrong thread.

“Charlie Chapman?” She should be fired on the spot just for that.

Thia definitely showed her age tonight. Not knowing Charlie Chaplin, bad grammar, general camera discomfort. Doesn’t look like she’s having fun- and the performance was weak. She needed a few more years.

I thought Ashthon was good. Pia was great- completely nailed it. Haley and Paul- eh.

It doesn’t come on here for another hour and a half.

I hope Haley gets jettisoned.

Scott seems smarmy beyond his years to me - like was just cloned as this winking, finger gun shooting, pop country product.

I can’t look at Scott without thinking of Alfred E. Neumann.

I think Pia was the best of the night. She nailed that high note at the end.

Who knew that Steven Tyler was a boob guy? When critiquing Thia, he said:

Stefano is growing on me. He had one of the best pure voices tonight, along with Pia.

Whether or not the unwashed masses will recognize it, or even care, she showed us that she has absolutely amazing control over her voice. It doesn’t mean that she has to spend the rest of her life singing like Patsy Cline, but she subtly said “Hey, there’s a helluva a lot of untapped talent in here…you just got to give me a chance”
Come to think of it, she might be one of those people that’ll do better to come in second or third so she can work with a different label and isn’t stuck doing strictly pop/Top40 music.

WRT Scott. I’m confused. I just don’t see it. I mean he’s not bad, but IMHO he’s not that great either. I guess I just don’t see how he got this far. I’m sure we can all agree he’s not going to win and we’ll probably never hear from him again after that (maybe one album). I don’t know what it is about him. Even going beyond his voice, he just seems too uptight. Like he needs to loosen his belt or unbutton the top few buttons of his shirt or something. He just looks like he’s going to pop or trip over something and shatter.

I loved Paul (as usual) but he picked the wrong song. Picking a lesser-known song was a huge mistake. James did a great job, and was so smart to pick Paul McCartney. My favorite of the night was Casey. Genius.

Dog of the night? Ashton. She sounded awful to me.

I too thought Ashthon was terrible. I thought she was terrible in her sing off last week too. I love listening to Casey, and Pia was awesome tonight. The two best by far.

Oh. And Scotty is going to be a huge country star regardless if he wins or gets bounced tomorrow. That kid is born to be a country star.