American Idol week of 3/9 to 3/11

They narrow the group down to the dirty dozen this week.

Wow, people not into the show this season, eh?

Well, for what it’s worth, I thought Katie sucked. :smiley:

ETA: Simon agrees! “You kind of sucked…the energy out of it.”

Hey, there’s nothing to say in the new thread until the show starts. I thought Kate sounded sooo dooowwwn.

I like to note that I can hear the singers but I have to make (the slightest bit of) effort to see them. So I was surprised to see Kate looking upbeat. I thought she was singing it sad ballad style. It didn’t help that she was off-- pretty flat.

I’m beginning to believe in this Siobhan. But somebody needs to tell her that song is not “by” the Animals.

Shiv caught my attention. I liked her performance of the song. The way she built it up was cool. Plus-- a golden oldie! Yay!

I didn’t think Katie was upbeat at all. It was slow and plodding and boring (and flat). Siobhan sang flawlessly but Simon was right - dark and brooding and boring. Are none of these people paying attention to what their competitors are singing?

And now Lacey! For fuck’s sake can someone sing something with a BEAT for once?!

ETA: did she slow down a fast song? Or am I thinking of something else?

Didn’t know the song so I didn’t understand what Lacey was trying to do there. But I sure did LOVE her lipstick. Her lips caught my attention so much, it was a long time before i realized she matched it perfectly to her hair.

Siobhan was flawless. She totally reminds me of Ally Sheedy’s character in The Breakfast Club, though.

Lacey is better this week than she has ever been.

Siobahn and Lacey are 2 of the ones I look forward to seeing. Crystal is another one.

Katelyn should not be playing that keyboard. It adds nothing to the music and makes it seem like she’s hiding behind it. Didn’t like the ending either. This was her worst performance to date.

Katelyn Epperly didn’t do nearly as good as she did last week, not karaoke, but a more like a good local bar performance. I thought she did VERY well last week.

I really like Katelyn but Simon is totally right-on in his assessment of that. It was just…blah.

Agreed that Lacey was the best she’s been.

Kris Allen’s car commercials are still my favorite part of the show this season.

Why is she wearing a shearling coat on her head? Did they feed all these girls Thorazine or something? Oh, she’s looking down at her hands and is distracted by her piano playing.

Oh, I see. She’s got her gramma’s hair times eleventy billion. Ah, I’m wrong again. It’s Carole King hair.
I’m talking about Katelyn.

This is so blah I’m having trouble staying awake.

“This car allows me to totally rip off my friends, man.”

Didi sounded really good but please, God, if you’re not too busy taking care of Jermaine Seller’s needs right now, could you make someone do something interesting tonight?

What they really wanted to say about Katelyn was that she sounded really white on that song.

On a personal level, I like Siobahn the most right now. Simon’s trashing of her was really weird, especially when he said she didn’t do anything different with the song. She definitely did something different with it.

Didi was solid, but really sound-alike. Sleep inducing, actually. Of course, they love it, because they love everything nutless and boring. Their dream contestant is a spoonful of mayonnaise wearing a plunging neckline and singing really toned down Beyonce songs.

Blah night. What’s with slowing everything down and killing the anger, rock, and emotion? Lacey even managed to slow down and kill the raw emotion in The Story.

“Didi, I love you, I really do, but if you do that Bossa-Nova version of “Rhiannon” again, I’m going to throw up.” -Pete Townshend

I thought it was nice though.

What is it with all these downbeat downers? Who’da ever thought I’d miss Stevie Nick’s bleeting? Didn’t Didi have short blond hair before? Is tonight a suicide theme night and nobody told me. I don’t think Paige is up to that song. It was too hard for her.