American Idol week of 3/2

We’re here again, but with fewer contestants, of course, and more to go (home).

I watched most of last week, and I admit not watching these rounds in previous years, but are the contestants noticeably more boring than those of previous years?
My wife is a fan of the show, and I usually start paying attention around the top ten. I tuned in last week and I didn’t really like anyone this year, whereas last year there were quite a few singers who I thought were pretty good.

I’m also not liking the judging panel and their chemistry together. For all of Paula’s wackiness, it seemed like their was a good chemistry between Simon, her and Randy that is missing this year. I didn’t like Kara during the audition rounds this year, and I really don’t see what Ellen is bringing to the table.

I watched most of the last two years. When I watched last week, I was really bored, and didn’t watch a whole lot of the guys on Wednesday.

They got two hours scheduled tonight and Wednesday. they usually only allow them to sing about 2 minutes tops. 20 minutes of singing out of 120 minutes total.

I think there is going to be a lot of commercials tonight, and a lot of yadda yadda yadda from the judges.

I will have to get my American Idol Catch Phrase Bingo Card out tonight.

“Song too big for you”
“song choice”
“you need to make it your own”
“you changed the song too much”

So they switched the order this week and the guys go tonight. Apparently, the Bowersox girl was sick and couldn’t perform.

Yeah, I’m reading she has Type 1 diabetes and was hospitalized due to some complications. Scary stuff. Poor girl. Hope she’s okay.

Crystal Bowersox is the only one of the 20 that I can imagine me dialing in for. Sure hope she feels better.

Shouldn’t the OP title be American Idol week of Mar 2? Ah, Randy must have heard us here in our house goofing on his off center soul-patch cuz it’s gone now.

My son commenting on Ellen and Ryan in bed together “Does that count as gay sex?”

Big Mike doing Aaron Kelly curls was great, but he is kinda sucking the life out of this song.

Redeemed it at the end a bit.

I think Mike should have sped it up just a tad. It seemed to drag. It was still good-- I like Mike-- but it wasn’t all that.

Let me reiterate-- I really, really like Mike’s voice.

I liked Mike’s tempo. It added drama.

Can we comment on the commercials? I’m astounded that they would make a kids’ movie called How to Drain – excuse me – Train Your Dragon.

John Mayer is relevant to who you want to be? Dead to me, you are. Dead I say.

(Prepares for biggirl to call me a poopypants.)

John Park really does have a gorgeous voice. The judges clearly want him to go home.

I want Park to be better. He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t really that good either. And he needs a tighter tee shirt.

Why you poo. . . oh wait, I think John Mayer is an arrogant ass who can play a guitar pretty good.

Park comes across as though he’s working really hard to seem effortless. Maybe that’s part of what Simon was getting at.

Casey can play guitar pretty well, but it’s distracting him from the vocal. Also not a great song choice imnsho.

Oh, Casey, that was Bo. Ring. Not so hot on the low notes either. What is with all the men boring me tonight?

That was the first thing I’ve really liked all season. The kid is a pretty fair country guitar player. I can tell he’s an SRV fan.