American Idol 3/30-3/31

Got the top 10 in place.

I’m guessing that Mike, Casey, Siobhan, and Crystal will be the top 4.

My DVR guide (DISH) gives this description:

I guess “some other people” = Simon, Randy, Kia, and Ryan. LMAO

Signing up now!

Siobhan, dawg, pitchy, yo. Great boots, though.

Siobahn is first. I don’t know this song, but she’s singing it ok…or was…she was a little pitchy in the bridge there. Good cover with the yelling, a nice attempt to change up the the shrieking, but her pitch was off. Not perfect.

Spoilers if you want them: American Idol 9 Top 10 Song Spoilers

I’m late, did the Shiv really suck as much as the judges thought?

Once you get off pitch in a song sometimes (or “off the trail” as Ellen puts it), it can be a little difficult to find it again on the fly, especially in a song with a lot of melodic movement like that. You don’t really get a moment to sound your way back to it because you have to keep climbing the ladder. I think she probably could nail that song with a little more rehearsal.

Backstage shots? That’s new.

Aww, that shot backstage made me feel all bad for Siobhan.

I am cheesy enough that I love the red shirt with the red guitar on Casey.

So now we’re judging contestants on the alternative performance they might have given if they hadn’t started sucking and continued sucking?

Casey was pleasant, and safe. Every week he he plays an electric guitar, Kara grinds her teeth about it. As a guitar player, it drives me nuts that they hate the guitar so much. Guitar based rock is exactly what this show needs most, but they all hate music and all they can really see is “product.”

Curses, foiled again!

A perfectly good witticism ruined by Drain Bead’s editing, sigh.

Arrrrgh! I started late and our local Fox channel is out so TiVO is blank… I can watch the rest in HD, but what did I miss so far?

You missed an off-key trainwreck by Siobhan, and another solid, workmanlike performance by Casey.

When I saw this on the spoiler list, I thought it was going to be the Bad Company song. That would have been a lot better than this. This is soporific.

I always picture Big Mike as being the most sought after wedding soloist in his town.

That song bored the shit out of me, but I’m not surprised the judges liked it. It was safe as milk. No sharp corners or edges on that.

Didi is wearing one hell of a prom dress.