American Idol 3/16-18

So here we go again. Last I heard, there was a petition to get a contestant who left back on. Seriously, isn’t the voting process supposed to be followed?
Anyway, anyone know the song choices yet?

12 remain. Who goes home this week? Paige, I think.

Big Mike and Siobhan have a good shot at being in the top four. Who else do you favor? Casey?

Who? Is it the troll-haired chick who left last week? Some people seemed shocked that she was booted instead of Katie, but good riddance, I say. She may be better than some that are left, but she wasn’t that good and we’re still just cutting off the excess fat for the next few weeks anyway.

By the way, are they going to do the “judges’ save” deal like they did before? I haven’t heard mention of it yet.

No, its Alex Lambert.

Ah, okay. I was a little sorry to see him go, as he did seem to have a good voice and his hometown borders my own. He just had no stage presence, and wtf is up with the mullet? I mean, it’s not uncommon to still see a mullet every so often around here, but they’re usually on older people who haven’t changed their style in 20 years. Anyways, he didn’t get the votes, so he’s gone. No do-overs!

I picked Siobhan and Casey as my top two in the American Idol Top 12 Prediction Game threadstarted by Hal Briston (this is not the officepools game). Anyone who hasn’t voted in that thread yet, get over and do it before tonight’s show!

I’m not really a fan of Casey, but I think he’s got the right combination of looks, charisma, and enough talent to carry him far.

Ditto for Siobhan. And despite being kinda quirky, I think she can appeal to a broad range of viewers. She’s got a strong voice, the camera loves her, and she has been making good song choices.

Don’t forget that despite what the judges want you to believe, this isn’t just a singing competition–it’s a popularity contest.

I think it’s stupid to even consider bringing back a booted contestant. The danger of your “favorite” leaving is the only thing that motivates some people to vote. You start saving contestants, and you corrupt the process. And, besides, it’s one singing competition. There’s absolutely no law that says he cannot continue his career, even handled by the AI folks, outside of the show.

Is there a theme tonight?

Rolling Stones songs, I think.

Hmmm. Could be interesting. I’d like to see Crystal do “Dead Flowers.”

They have a list of 50 songs they can choose from. It’s listed somewhere on She’ll also have spoilers from dress rehearsal around 7:00, allegedly.

David Cook will be on the results show tomorrow. He & his band are rumored to be doing “Jumping Jack Flash”. Just for the fun of it, I think.

the results show is Thursday?

No, results show is Weds, I think

Yep, performances on Tuesday and elimination on Wednesday.

Michael – Miss You
Didi – Play with fire
Casey – all over now
Lacey – ruby Tuesday
Andrew – gimme shelter
Katie – wild horses
Tim – under my thumb
Siobhan – paint it black
Lee – beast of burden
Paige – honky Tonk women
Aaron – Angie
Crystal. you don’t always get

Song spoilers.

I bet Crystal does “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” She goes for the simple, three chord guitar songs with narrow little pitch ranges.

I really hope somebody does “Brown Sugar” or “Sympathy for the Devil.”

Or “Cocksucker Blues.” Anybody who did “Cocksucker Blues” would get me to vote my thumbs off.

If that spoiler list is accurate Paige is in for a world of hurt…

As is Andrew, if he does his typical schtick.

I’m partial to “Bitch,” and I actually think that Lee Dewyze would rock the shit out of it (possibly doing the Goo Goo Dolls version), but alas, it could never happen.