American Idol 2/23-25

I’m pretty sure it’s on 3 nights this week. They have to narrow it down until there are 12 finalists, if memory serves.

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according to Program Guide, there are 5 HOURS of IDOL:

Girls Sing Tonight (2 hrs)
Boys Sing Tomorrow Night (2 hrs)
4 contestants are eliminated Thursday Night (1 hr), I guess it will be two boys and two girls.

Last years winner, Kris Allen performs during the elimination show on Thursday.

For those AI fans who don’t frequent The Game Room, this year’s Idol Pool thread is active. Signups are open, and first picks have to be in before Thursday’s elimination.

Paige will be our first contestant eliminated. That was terrible. Weak, wavery, no power, no energy, pitchy.

Simon’s wrong about her voice, incidentally, at least if that song was anything to go by. That was shit. Kara doesn’t fucking know a goddamn thing about music, by the way. Why is she on this show? Paula at least knew something about music, even if she was stoned out of her gourd all the time.

I like when they sing oldies and I love All Right Now. But Paige wiffed it. Seriously, it was over the place. Ah, Kara nailed it. The chorus was just not very good.

Agree, I don’t get why they’re raving. The taped segment was better.

I didn’t like it either. I hope it gets better or else I will tune into womens bobsled.

Ashley is even worse! She needs to stay out of that lower register and out of the higher ones too. That was worse than Paige.

Paige at least showed some stage presence. Ashley, not good. I’ve forgotten everything about you already except that you’re from Chelsea.

“O” fer two. I didn’t like the song at all. Switching back and forth to the womens bobsled.

Ryan lost some weight, didn’t he? He looks like a bobble-head.

Janell is no Ann Wilson, that’s for sure.

Janell = awful weak karaoke.

Good Lord, what is going on with these girls? The h’what about love is killing me. Janell couldn’t hit anything, she sounded wobbly and scared.

I liked Janell when she sang with the guitar but her two performances since have been kinda sucky. Agree with Simon.

Is anybody going to be any good tonight? Janell might get by on looks for a while, but she doesn’t really have that much of a voice. I think she really got exposed on that song, and I thought she was probably a lock for final 12 going in.

Janell (Tim Tebow’s girlfriend?) was slightly better. I thought the rendition was awkward and the backup singers were terrible, which was distracting.
Who is playing American Idol catch phrase bingo? I have heard “not the right song choice” and “too big for you.” I am waiting for Simon to say “indulgent.” I have seen Simon scratch his eye by sticking up his middle finger yet. But I am sure that will happen.

My girl Angela would wipe the floor with these girls.

“Fixing a Hole?”

What a weird song choice.

Lilly, this years “quirky” girl.