American Idol: 3/30-3/31/11

The show is 90 minutes in and no thread yet? I don’t blame anyone. What a snoozefest. This has to be the dullest, blandest collection they’ve ever had, and Elton John really brings out the boring in boring singers (nothing against Sir Elton. His material should be great for anyone at all interstinmg or original, but this has just been a pure karaoke night. Nobody sucks, but nobody hols my interest for more than nine seconds either.

I still only know two or three names which is a bad sign. I’m having to stifle the yawns tonight. I don’t know if I can see this season to the end.

I’m watching, but I don’t want to try starting the thread with my iTouch. I hate to say it but Scotty was the best so far.

The judges just loved everyone to death tonight - not a bit of criticism for anyone. Except my favorite, Naima. So I guess tomorrow she’s toast.

They think Haley was the best? Wow.

My top three:

Paul: I really liked his performance. I just like his voice, with all of its quirks.

Casey: Loved his song choice, loved the choices he made. Good job.

Lauren: it was genius for her to make the song country. It suited her.

James, Jacob and Pia on top.

Thia, Paul, Naima in the bottom three.

I just don’t understand the love for Paul. His voice has no musical appeal for me at all.

And somebody should tell Thia what Daniel is about. She was smiling sweetly as she sang about the scars that won’t heal.

There had to be some definitely wrong with the sound on TV vs sound in the audience for Hayley’s Bennie and the Jets.

The mentor told Jacob not to get too dramatic, and that is exactly what he did. He has great voice but I don’t like his performances.

Loved James “not having a Pepsi moment” when the show is sponsored by Coca Cola. I’m partial to rock-n-roll, so GO James.

I chuckled at this, because I come down so differently. I think Paul’s voice is warm and charming, and I don’t understand what anyone sees in James.

I thought Lauren’s performance was weak, and I could see her and Thia going home. Also, I really like Naima, but I have to think that her quirkiness has her hanging by a thread anyway, and this week’s performance might have been off-putting enough to do her in.

I’m a big fan of Haley’s voice, and while I think her performance was a little over the top, it brought some much-needed life to a dull show this week.

Loved Pia tonight. Most others were in safe mode (except for Naima, who was in WTF mode). Really scared for Stefano tomorrow- his performance was good but…

Really hope Thia goes. I’m pretty much done with Jacob, Paul, and Scotty too. I fear Scotty’s in it for the long haul though…

I cast votes for Scotty only on behalf of my mom, who likes him a lot.
Otherwise, James, Pia, and Jacob were the best of the bunch.
I did NOT like what Haley did with her song choice (buh buh buh?), and Naima totally miscalculated with a Reggae version.
Stefano sang to himself as always.
Thia is sweet and cute but I am done with her. She doesn’t need to smile so much during such a sad song.
Casey was pretty good this time.
Lauren was okay.
Paul is way too whispery as usual.

I was in awe of Miss Cleo tonight. She took total control over Naima’s voice. Too bad, it would have worked in a dancehall reggae style.

I will be happy when Paul and Pia go home. Those are the first two I’d like to kick off.

Pia was amazing as usual.

I usually like James, but not tonight.

Haley was too breathy. She sounds better when she lets loose.

Jacob was less annoying than usual, but that “yugh” sound he does after each phrase sounds worse on a slow song.

Paul and Scotty sound great with the mute on.

I pretty much agree with this.

I don’t usually care for Haley, and didn’t like the beginning of the song, but I like her voice when she growls a bit, so I thought it ended well.

I have liked James in the past but he was over the top tonight. Too much theatrics, not enough good singing.

Pia is by FAR the best singer this season, but I do want to see her do something other than a ballad now. We know she can do that. Can she do anything else?

I liked Casey’s performance, but he should have gone full shave.

Thia, Stefano, Jacob and that dude from Cold Play do nothing for me at all.

I kind of like Lauren, but I was surprised at the judge love she got tonight. Maybe it sounded better in the arena.

Scotty, again, is good at what he does, but it’s just not a sound I care for, but he’s here to the end unless he has to find a way to make a disco song country.

Naima is probably the most interesting contestant this year, and I appreciated her attempt at a reggae twist, but it just didn’t work. Is that her natural accent or was she putting it on for the song? I’ve heard her speak and don’t recall an accent that heavy.

Does anyone else have a hard time hearing Paul? I wish he would get closer to the mic or something. Maybe it’s just his voice. I like him, but he needs more power to his voice.

Scotty: I despise him, but what he does, he can do as well as anybody.

Naima: Beautiful and different. I want to like her, but she’s really not my cup of tea.

Paul’s Rocket Man: the kids and I preferred Stewie’s Shatneresque performance on Family Guy.

Lauren: She gave Steven a chance to be funny and cute. And for that, I thank her.

Pia, Stefano: I wandered off to play with the dog or something.

Thia: A good song…don’t change the melody!

James: I didn’t care for this particular performance. However, Ryan told me it was very important to vote last night, so for the first time ever, I did! One measly little vote.

Casey: Fugly guy singing a love song…tough sell.

Jacob: He’s “out”, right? His church doesn’t mind?

Haley: Painfully over-the-top. Awful. My husband liked it.

I think I have officially given up. I tried, as I have been trying every week ( mostly because there are no other 1st run shows I like on Wednesday ) but this show is becoming unwatchable, a few minutes after 9 I decided I would rather watch South Park reruns.

I think the biggest issue I have is all these kids have technical issues…they seems to miss hitting a lot of notes and are generally what the judges politely refer to as “pitchy” and no one corrects them. I am tired of watching them getting praised for singing off-key.

I would like to see James show a softer side, although I do love his rocker antics.

I’ve been humming Country Comfort all day today. That was a good moment for Scotty. His transformation from upside-down camouflage visor to now is pretty dramatic. The final note was super dorky.

Both Scotty and James delivered as if it was their names on the marquee. Good lookin out.

Haley is really damned hot and I love her performances. I’m partial; she reminds me of a high school sweetheart. What a marvelous instrument. Pia has those glorious, shimmering high notes to set her apart whereas Haley has more in her bag of tricks: Janis and Ella stylings among others.

Jacob sings with that mix of surprise and agony of a newly recruited anal sex enthusiast who never knew it’s SUPPOSED to hurt. Please go away.

That’s not her natural accent; she’s from Milwaukee. I thought the reggae musical arrangement was an interesting idea, but the bad fake accent turned her performance into a comedy routine.

Thanks, that’s what I thought.