Idris Elba in the mix

This is probably a mere curio to most dopers, but here’s Idris Elba spinning tech house. I knew he was into rave culture back in the day, but I never encountered any of his work. So, definitely the coolest fucking actor in the game. It’s a decent set, but the crowd is mostly white kids, staring at him, in a brightly lit room. So not the best atmosphere: it should be dark, deafening, and full of smoke.

Yes, we know that deejays don’t have any talent, this isn’t even real music and the computer just writes it for you, and it’s all just one long song, it all sounds the same, guys, and of course, only drug addicts can tolerate listening to this. What is this, I can’t even. If you can think of an original shitpost that is not a variation on the preceding complaints, you win one all expenses paid trip to the k-hole and all the vomit you can sleep in.

I don’t know, DJ Hodoris pretty good…