IE and Drop Down Boxes

Well not really drop down boxes but I don’t know what else to call them.

When you go to a site IE 5.5 (which I really like but anyway) remembers what you previously typed in there and gives you choices when you try to type something into the same box.

For example if I go to eBay and type CD Cliff Richard, it recalls all the words I’ve typed in before that start with CD and gives me a drop down / pick box to choose from.

My quesiton is how do I delete the choices that drop down.

It is great on some sites but I use various sites for my employer and it is annoying to when I type numbers in.

[li]Click “Tools” and choose “Internet Options…”[/li][li]Click on the “Content” tab[/li][li]Under “Personal Information” click the “AutoComplete…” button[/li][li]Click “Clear Forms”–ALL the information previously entered on forms will be deleted[/li]Unclick any check boxes that you do not wish AutoComplete to be used on–this will disable ALL forms if you uncheck “Forms”

Cool and thanks