IE Wants to save BMP I want JPEG!

I’m trying to save some JPEG files from internet explorer. It ONLY gives me the option of saving as BMP. Why? How do I save as JPG?

I had this happen before. I found a site (can’t remember it, though) that suggested clearing out your temporary internet files. I tried it and it worked.

Get a real viewer.

Its free.

Bet you’re running XP. 'tis a well-known bug, this.

Clear your internet cache, and all should be well.

You might want to read the OP again because I think you did not understand the problem.

Yes, it is a known bug in WIN98 too and clearing the cache is what makes it go away.

Discussed here.

yep, go to tools/internet options. temporary files and press "delete files " . Restart IE.