IE7 and saved drop down URL's

Is there a way to selectively delete URL’s that appear in the dropdown list?

Can you not just hit ‘delete’ as you highlight them with the cursor-down arrow? I don’t use IE, so can’t recall if that works, but I know it does for other dropdowns.

If it’s really critical that you get rid of them you can search for them in the registry and delete associated entries (New entries will be created as used in IE, so the likelihood of breaking something is small.). It is a bit of a hassle though, as they are saved in more than one entry for some reason.

I think you can also go to the History menu and delete them one by one there.

In settings, select browser history > delete. You can’t select which ones, as far as I know. Your options are all or none. Doesn’t effect your favorites, just urls you’ve entered manually.

Related tip:

If you go File > Open and type in the address, it will not show up in the drop down menu.

Go to **regedit **and edit TypedURLs. Make sure that you keep the numbers consecutive if you delete any, i.e renumber so there are no missing numbers.