REGEDIT and Windows XP help please

I am using XP at home only (work is NT) and have just tried to use the trusty REGEDIT but can’t seem to save my changes. Due to lots of typos the drop down list on my Explorer address bar contains lots of crap. I can find the entries in REGEDIT, delete them but don’t seem to be able to keep the changes. Even if I change it and then reboot it reverts to the list of wrong entries. Help.

Regedit doesn’t require you to “save” changes. As soon as you make a change it’s immediately in the database that is your registry.

Do you mean in the drop down list of Internet Explorer address bar is full of crap? Clear your History and it goes away.

Start up Internet Explorer. Choose Tools, then Internet Options… Bring the General tab to the front and press Clear History.

I solved the problem myself. I was doing 2 things wrong.

Note that the dropdown list at the address bar is not the same as your history. It is in a registry folder called TypedURLs and is used for autocomplete when you type in a URL. Clearing your history will leave those entries there - most of mine are months old.

What I was doing wrong was doing it while having IE running - when I closed IE it wrote what was in memory back to the Registry. Also if you delete entries you have to rename the others so they are consecutive.

Now I’m back to my usual list of favourite URLs in the dropdown - it’s easier than using Favorites for your most used 24 sites.

You were right fluoextinchcl no save is required.