If 20/20 is perfect vision then...

Why did they tell me mine is better than 20/20? I have 20/10 in one and 20/15 in the other.

When the doc looked at my chart he sez: " you have the eyes of a fighter-pilot" and the nurse is always astounded at how far down the chart I can see.

My 20/15 20/10 vision comes up in passing conversations more than you’d think(like when I can see something far off others can see, but can’t quite make out details I can)

Here’s how the conversation usually goes:

them: “Wow whats your vision?”
me: “20/10-20/15 supposedly better than 20/20”
them: “but I thought 20/20 was perfect”
me: “me too, go figure, helephino”

Why is 20/20 considered perfect vision,and what does that make my vision?

20/20 is a benchmark standard that is considered to be very, very good. Think of it more like “perfectly good” than “perfect”.

20/20 isn’t perfect, just normal. You see at 20 feet what most people see at 20 feet; 20/15 means you see at 20 feet what most people can only see at 15. Perfect vison would be 20/0.

:smiley: [sup]And Superman is the only person with 20/0.[/sup]

Fear Itself is correct. 20/20 vision is not perfect it’s an indication of normal/average. So 20/15 20/10 vision is quite possible. I recall that major league baseball outfielders often have much better than 20/20 vision. Helpful I suspect given their profession.
So given the general population there plenty of people with eye sight better than average and many with worse than average.

and remember the 20 isn’t just some arbitrary number. At distances closer than 20 feet (6 metres), your eye starts to accomodate because the image is falling behind the retina.

In such terms, there’s no such thing as 20/0 vision - you cannot accomodate enough to focus on something touching your cornea.

Except in Lake Wobegone where they are all above average. :slight_smile:

I think 20/1 would be perfect.

20/0 seems like brown nosing.

Interesting. I’m also 20/10 in one eye, and 20/15 in the other.

I’m correctible to better than 20/15 and this leads to the annoying situation where the optometrists consider themselves to have established my prescription when I can read the 20/20 line.

I like to be able to read the ingredients off the back of a Lysol spray can sitting 12 feet away.