If a hand transplant recipient scrapes his finger, whose print grows back?

'nuf said. What think you?

The transplanted hands’. The skin grows back from the other skin, whose genetic material remains the same.


DNA is not the only determinant to fingerprints. Identical twins don’t even have the same fingerprints.

Oh, and fingerprints grow back? I never knew that. Not like I’m going to expirament with a razor to find out if it’s true…

I sliced off a small sliver of my left index finger (not just now, years ago :rolleyes: ), enough to remove a good portion of my print area. My print not grow back; it scarred over just enough to be noticable.

I have a scar on my right index finger as well. It is “flat” and does not have the fingerprint lines it used to have.

Let me help the OP out:

What if the transplanted hand had a beauty mark, and it was scraped off in an accident. Would the beauty mark return?

Beauty marks do return normally, but would they return on a transplanted part?

( If the mark returns, then the genetic code is controlled by the nearest surviving cells?)…curious…