If a homophobic person discovered he was gay...

would he be afraid of himself?

Meet Fred Phelps.

It’s my belief that some (certainly not all) homophobes are that way because they are deeply afraid of themselves. I was homophobic for a time before I came to terms with being gay. Some people just never come to terms.

This one guy in high school would call my boyfriend a faggot. So where do they bump into each other? A gay club. Quelle surprise.

And, as I mentioned in another post, one of Aaron Fricke’s (Reflections of a Rock Lobster) homophobic tormentors ended up gay.

I think a lot - not the majority, though - of homophobes are that way because they loathe themselves and by acting outwardly homophobic they subconsciously think they can convince themselves that they’re not gay.

Don’t get me started on the internalized homophobia of a lot of “out” gay guys…

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