If a stranger approached you in the locker room, and asked you to rub lotion on his/her back....

Would you?

There kind of needs to be a maybe option. If he’s clothed and pasty white, then I’m going to take him at his word and do him a favor. But my very first mental image was the guy from high school gym who kind of liked the excuse to walk around naked: nope, not touching him with a ten foot… I’m sorry, I just can’t finish that pun.

Hell no.

It kind of depends. If she’s heading out to the pool and clearly has been trying to get sun screen on her back, but needs help, sure I would help her out. I don’t think I’d be up for just helping a random stranger moisturize.

Not a stranger, but still.

When I was 16 and working at a deli, my 18 year old female supervisor asked me to rub some lotion on her back {she had a sun burn}. I said, “of course” !
Since she was having some difficulty trying to only hike up just the back portion of her shirt, I suggested that she remove the entire work shirt so I could apply the lotion appropriately. She reluctantly agreed, only if I turned my back until she had her top off…
I vividly remember the bright white bra straps contrasting against her pink/red skin. I took my time with the lotion and even sneaked some of it under the straps for more complete. relief. She kept her arms clutched tightly across her chest and was careful that I only saw her back. In retrospect, I think she just genuinely needed someone’s help and I was her best choice…

Still at age 16, ya gotta take a thrill where ya can get it !


This would be a pretty wildly inappropriate thing to ask of a stranger in a men’s locker room. The only time this would be vaguely appropriate would be for sunscreen, and in that case he should just get the spray sunscreen so he could do it himself. Otherwise, it’s almost certainly for some sort of sexual purpose/gratification.

Is he screaming in pain from thousands of jellyfish stings all over his body?
Sucks to be you, pal. See-ya!

Do I get the hose again if I say no?

If it was a woman, yes. A guy, probably not.

But what’s a woman doing in the men’s locker room?

Can I ask him to rub lotion on my front first?

No but I’d ask if I could lend him a hand.

I’m thinking of the most likely scenario which in Australia would be someone asking to rub sunscreen on their back - in that case, yes, without a second thought. If it was moisturiser instead? I think because I’d be conditioned to say yes in case #1 I’d probably think it slightly odd but do it without much of a second thought.


I’m a man. Depends on how nicely he asks, if I have time, whether it’s sunscreen or moisturizer, and what kind of mood I’m in.

No way ! When I was a health aide I had to put lotion on my clients back and we were told to wear rubber gloves while doing this !

Just put it in the basket already.

If he had a sunburn and was in obvious distress probably, otherwise no. It’s not something a normal person asks a stranger for in a locker room in a US social context.

no way. I don’t like being touched and I sure as hell am not going to put my hands on a total stranger.

Ain’t gonna happen. I don’t want anyone I don’t know putting hands on me and I’m not about to put hands on them.

I’d think it was a strange request, and I’d be leery, but somehow I’d probably say yes. No big deal. I wouldn’t entertain any other increasingly intimate requests though.