If actors issued stock

So if each actor issued stock, whose would you buy, sell, dump, or trade? The commodity isn’t so much box office performance as star power and Q-factor.

I think the bedrock of a portfolio would be the old reliable IBM style actors who don’t usually have a huge shift either way but will remain high sellers for a long time:

Tom Hanks
Johnny Depp
Paul Newman
Jack Nicholson

Then there are the volatile stocks that are sometimes wayyy up and sometimes plummeting:

Sean Penn
John Travolta
Meg Ryan
Bette Midler
Michael Douglas
The stocks that were once good but are now high-risk/low cost stocks:

Alec Baldwin (could have a major upswing with the right TV role)
the brothers of Alec Baldwin

Ray Liotta

The stocks that might conceivably be worth something again in the future:

Joe Pesci
Whoopi Goldberg (hate to say it, but I’d have sold after SISTER ACT)
And the stocks that are currently hot but I’d dump them now because they’re going to tank in the near future:

Ashton Kucher (publicity fluke)
Brittney Spears
the entire cast of Friends and American Wedding

And then the ones that are currently stable but might either tank or meteorically rise in the near future:

Sarah Michelle Gellar (she’s attractive, talented, and man can she move, but she needs a strong movie role to make us forget Buffy)
Jude Law (again- really needs to bump up that box office)
Matt Damon
Kevin Costner
Who would you buy, sell, or dump at any price?

Are you at all familiar with this site?

Wha!? Buffy is her good role. You want us to remember Scooby Doo?

I think Ben Affleck has been on the decline for a while, seems those who bought his stock after Mallrats or Chasing Amy would have made a killing if they sold after Good Will Hunting (or even Armegeddon). He would now be on my dump list.

I also think George Clooney may be a sound investment, especially after O Brother Where Art Thou.

If only the HSX was real.

I have made so much fake money.

Not at all like the results of my real money portfolio.

Wow, this thread just made me remember HSX. I always thought I’d sign up for that someday and start trading a bit for fun, but I just totally forgot about it.
hmm… BAFFL seems unreasonably steady to me - it should drop more, shouldn’t it?

Methinks anyone who invested in some Johnny Depp back in his Gilbert Grape days would be chuckling over their massive portfolio now.

I wouldn’t put any money on her. She’s got Scooby Crap Too and Three lined up, as well as a romantic comedy called Romantic Comedy that was supposed to start filming this month only…didn’t. She’s an OK tv actress, but I don’t think she’ll ever do well in the movies.

Now, if you were going to buy stock in Buffy alum, I’d go with Alyson Hannigan and James Marsters.
Aly just had great success with American Wedding, and she’s an amazing actress. If she takes good, thoughful roles to balance the fun zany ones, she’ll do great.

James Marsters is not going to be stuck playing Spike for the rest of his life (except, you know, in my head.) In October he starts filming Venetian Heat with Patrick Dempsey, Sean Bean, and Derek Jacobi. I think this will be his “breakthrough” role, so to speak.

It’s a bit UK-oriented, but check this out: http://www.bbc.co.uk/celebdaq

I hope everyone sold their J-Lo stock. Man, did that crash!