If cats were fonts


Apple Chauncery does not look happy.

That was a pretty good guide-to-fonts. Love the caption at the top of the page:

“This is a rare and important opportunity for cat fanciers and typophiles to find some common ground.”

This is the first time in history that Impact (or Arial Black?) have ever been paired with images of cats.

The Wingdings-type font made me bust out laughing. I like the Trajan pic. I don’t know if those are the real Trajan’s stone feet, though.

I guessed papyrus before I saw the label. Great list! I bursted out laughing at the dingbats cat too. I’m absurdly in love with the hipster Helvetica cat.

Ha, yeah usually impact. Maybe they should have used ceiling cat for that one.

The Impact is still semi-famous though. Happy Cat! Longcat could also be good.