If Democrats decide to pivot from Trump and run on an economic message, they’re doomed

Andy Puzder: If Democrats decide to pivot from Trump and run on an economic message, they’re doomed

A Trumper preaches doom and gloom for the Democrats. What a shock!

And whenever a Republican gives Democrats advice…

Yes. That is a thing Andy Puzder said.

ETA: Actually, that is a headline above some other words that Andy Puzder said.

What did Andy Puzder say that was wrong? If you can’t name any, he’s got some significant points, doesn’t he?

You won’t see Dem’s running on the economy, but you might see Republican mentioning various accomplishments in a rather short amount of time. The contrast is pretty clear.

In fact, I’m not entirely sure what the Democrats will be running on.

Oh. I get it now. You agree with what he wrote.

The fact that I can’t point to where he’s wrong just means I haven’t read his editorial.

I liked the part where the thread title and the single sentence of the op were almost identical. Then, the faux news link. Bravo.

Attack the source, attack the writer, ignore the idea. That’s an excellent debate strategy nowadays.

What does “pivot from Trump” mean, exactly? Were the Democrats at some point pivoted toward Trump?

Octopus, your post was insightful and debateworthy.

It means going away from campaigning as being the opposition to trump. Frankly, I’m not all that sure that attacking trump is a winning strategy. After all, the fact that he’s a flaming anus didn’t stop people from voting for him before. Is the argument going to be “He’s worse than we thought.”? (OK, he is, but that’s not the point.)

What are your favorites?

There’s that giveaway tax plan that has done nothing for Trump’s base but raise their health care costs. Is that what you’re hoping doesn’t get mentioned?

Yeah, that oughta be good. I can’t wait.

A low effort “post” gets a low effort 'rebuttal." If you want a debate on the topic, start one.

Hell, the article itself doesn’t even put in any effort. the article boils down to “Conservative economics is right, so Democrats will lose if they run on the economy.” He simply says the economy is great, but offers no evidence. He claims the economy has done a 180 when it hasn’t–people are still having just as much trouble finding jobs. The best he can offer is that things will be better.

The article isn’t trying to put forth an actual idea. It is telling its target audience of conservatives that things are great, hoping that will stick in their mind despite actual hardships. It doesn’t even try to appeal to Democrats at all.

So, no, there is nothing to discuss from that article, and nothing from the OP. It’s just tactics, not debate.

Here are some specific claims he makes:

I wouldn’t mind seeing Dopers address some of these claims. Clicking one of the articles’ links, I find that

In other words, that’s what they say they plan to do, not what they actually are doing.

All along the Republicans have been claiming that their policies will help average Americans. The issue is whether or not they actually do do so.

On the other side, we have opinion pieces like this one:

Democrats Are Running a Smart, Populist Campaign

In the real world, Democrats are doing quite well running on an economic message.

Also. In the real world, if a conservative columnist says that the left should not do something, the left should do that exact thing. Guaranteed 100% success.

I see Thudlow Boink snuck in with the same link just as I was about to post.

The points are easy to refute. Every good economic indicator has followed directly on the same upward line from the middle of Obama’s term. Trump has done nothing to add to that, and the tax cut certainly didn’t bend any of those lines sharply upward. The statement that “over the past 16 months the economy has done a 180-degree turn” is a flat-out lie, which is why a) nobody should spend more than a second reading that nonsense and b) why he works for Fox News. If you check his bio, you’ll see that his latest book is titled “The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left’s Plot to Stop It.” That’s no doubt a totally objective take on the economy.

Where is the economy failing? Well, we’re seeing teachers striking in multiple red states! That should be giving thinking Republicans (i.e. not Puzder) nightmares. It is their failed economic policies that has produced the hardship. Those same policies are hurting in other red states as well, Kansas being the most prominent example.

All the elections this fall will be local. Every last one. The election is not going to be a referendum on Trump. The voters will be looking at Congress and their state legislators. If they don’t like what they’re seeing, they’ll know who to blame. If they do like the economy they should give all the credit to Obama. That’s why Pudzer and his ilk are so desperately lying.

Indeed. When you can’t win, attack the source without showing where the facts are wrong. When cornered use humor, but do not debate at any costs!

When the USA does well, some people just are not happy.

Obama borrowed billions and had the weakest recovery since the great depression. You can look it up. He left with a decline in the labor rate ( which Trump has since reversed ) and a record amount of people on food stamps. If that is not enough, he accumulated more debt than ALL other Presidents combined.

Obama’s part of the top 1% now, taking big money and making speeches from the wall street firms he scolded. Of course not one of the wall street crooks were prosecuted under Obama. Face it, he’s a sell out these days

More cite-free, baseless, and/or misleading claims. Trump and the GOP thank you for your efforts in supporting their propaganda.

What the heck does it even mean, to say “the weakest recovery since the Great Depression”? Obama’s was the only recovery of that magnitude since the Great Depression. Trump doesn’t even have a recovery.