If Don Lapre was Ugly...

Would he have sold so many of his, whatever he was selliing.

Anybody know?

Don Lapre is a breathing Ken Doll. Blech.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Well look at Tim Robbins personal power. He’s a couple of bolts shy of Frankenstein, yet he makes million speaking for Fortune 500 companies and celebrities.

I guess it is just I was watching an infomercial of his once and he doesn’t really say anything like the others.

Ummm Omni? I think you mean Anthony Robbins in this case. And you’re insulting Frankenstein! :wink:

I prefer rogues to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.
Alexandre Dumas the Younger (1824-1895)

Tim-Tony… you knew what I meant.

Anthony Robbins is personally repugnant. Eeewwww. And he does look like Frankenstein. Bluck!

I had a manager that acted just like Anthony Robbins. Ugh it was a horror show, and every meeting was lake a game of buzz word bingo!

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Don Lapre is like a ferret on meth. I agree Chris, he looks like a ken doll (not good). Anthony robbins is scary to me. Now that you all mention it, he does look like frankenstein.