If God is all powerful...

can he make a stone bigger than he can roll?

If you have an infinite amount of mass, can you add an atom to it?

Can he create an ignorance too vast to educate?



No, no and yes :smiley:

the challenge would be to split a galactic black hole in two. but of course she would simply turn off the gravity.

Dal Timgar

I’m just wondering why He can’t write a holy book that’s clear, unambiguous, doesn’t require “interpretation”, and doesn’t contradict itself… :smiley:

Because that would be simple and easy, and where’s the fun in that?

“Damn your teddy bear logic!”

No! Rock and roll is the tool of the devil.

Oh, I dunno. For the counter-argument, see a little film called *Six-String Samurai, in which a post-apocalyptic sword-wielding rock guitarist with a suspicious resemblance (if not voice) to Buddy Holly eventually faces off an evil heavy metal dude who is, er, Death.

So come to think of it, the devil didn’t enter into it. Hmm.

Jeez. Miss one trailing bold tag…