If I didn't start this thread, there wouldn't be one yet. What is your inane phrase of the Day?

This morning I arrived at work about 25 minutes before my start time. Such things are unheard of where I work, and the night shift RN commented on this. Because it is a holiday, I had to adapt to the bus schedule and leave much earlier than usual, but instead of adequately explaining it I said “If I wasn’t early I would be later.”

That got an odd look.

So Dopers, what is your inane phrase of the day?

Tautologies are tautologies.

Wherever you go, there you are.

This is going to take some advance planning.

“Shit! Shitnik von Fucksicle!”

Needless to say, it’s like anything else.

“I could care less.” :dubious:

“Yes, obvious things are obvious.”

I hate, hate, hate with the heat of a thousand farts when people state incredibly dull and obvious things they know I already know. And they’re usually such dull observations, there’s literally nothing I can add to the statement if they were expecting some affirmative, remark or conversation.

So now I just say the quote above, instead of “. . .” Fight inanity with the inane.

I hear SO much inane talk all day long I can’t think of an inane phrase I haven’t used right back at them.

You could just pull a little German on them and grunt, “Selbstverständlich.” Makes you sound kinda intellectual the first time or two.


I work in tertiary mental health. Many of my clients have been former patients in a Provincial Psychiatric Hospital. So, I get a lot of shift reports that say “mental health status remains unchanged” which is ok, if you know the client, but for new staff that is completely unhelpful.
Yes, the person with paranoia is still paranoid, can you elaborate a bit?

Show me your house and I’ll tell you where you live.

“It is what it is.”

Well, uh, pfff… Yeuuh… Obviously.

googles Selbstverständlich


Grrr, I hate this phrase. When I hear it at work, I bite my tongue to keep from responding “You have a keen grasp of the obvious.” That’s my phrase of the day, week or even year.

I hear a lot of people who say they hate this phrase as well. It doesn’t bug me if used as how I see it as the proper use; that is, “it may bother you, but there’s nothing that can be done about it.”


[A couple minutes before a meeting]

“Gee wiz, Mary, when asked you to print and staple these reports, I was hoping you’d include the company’s blue master sheet, not the white.”

[rolls eyes]
“It is what it is.”

“Have a good day!”


Hotlinking takes you there, but doesn’t tell you where.
(Corrected link: http://xkcd.com/703/. Those image-only links irritate me nearly as much as ones like “tinyurl.com/ClickMeSucker”)