If I drink dish soap, will I fart bubbles?

Question in the title. What actions would one have to take so one actually would be able to fart bubbles?

Live in an alternate reality.

A soap suds enema after a meal of ham and beans would probably work.

if you add glycerin and inflate slowly you will make bigger and better bubbles.

I think you’d puke it all up before it could make its way to the other end, but at least you’d probably be puking bubbles.

My understanding is that if you drink soap, it will come out the other end rather more quickly than you might want, along with anything else you’ve eaten.
So you might get momentary bubble mixed in, but I doubt anyone would appreciate them.

Best case to fart bubbles is eat a bunch of beans, then a few hours later dip your behind in a tub of water, soap and glycerine.

Poppycock! Everyone knows you have to drink a sphincter made 3 parts double rainbow, 2 parts horn of a unicorn freely given to an innocent young virgin. D’uh!