If I have to take a few vacation days to get some rain around here...alright, I'll do it.

Mission accomplished. Scheduled days off a month ago when it was dry as a bone and sure enough two days of rain so far. It’s OK, we need it.

Murphy’s Law mate,

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

We need it too. I was thinking of washing my car. That usually is just as good as a rain dance!

Count your blessings.

I propose the Great American Campout. Whenever there is a significant drought, people need to go camping. No campfires, of course, but in a tent, not a camper, cabin, or RV.

A couple of years ago (what, wait, ten years? Really? When did that happen?) I spent a year in Australia. I went camping three times in that year, and it chucked it down every time. In two of those places it hadn’t rained in over 2 years.

Mind you, I think the talent is inherited: my mother once went on a trip to a place that billed itself as the Driest Town On The Planet, where they hadn’t had a drop for over a decade. Guess what happened the day she went?

Maybe it’s genetic. We lived in Europe in the early 80’s, and NL had the first Hans Brinker Silver Skates races in a very long time. When we moved to a tropical island, they had typhoons every other weekend for a couple of months. In AZ’s high desert, the winds were horrible that year. In many places we have lived, we keep hearing the same thing: “The weather is never like this!”

Day three of rain but today interspersed with sunny periods where it’s extremely hot and muggy.
Raining like cow piss on a flat rock at the moment.

My Girl Scout troop could end a six month drought by going to camp. I remember especially the first time, having the corner of the tent come untied and having to get out in the pouring rain to tie it down. I was in fourth grade.

Last year I took off Halloween and November first. We had no power for 32 of those 48 hours. sigh. From what I recall hearing on the news, it was the 5th most damaging storm in state history that was neither a snow/ice storm or a hurricane.

Really go for it - sleeping bags under the stars, no tents.