If I hear this one more time....

:mad: I’m sick and tired of all the asshats out there calling ALL Americans stupid. I see it online every day and am getting pretty damn tired of it. Stop lumping all of us with the government and sports fanatics. We are NOT all stupid, lazy, fat, (legal) foreign immigrant haters. We are NOT our government nor it’s officials. Some of us don’t like sports and couldn’t give a rats ass less about Pete fucking Rose. There are a lot of us with college educations. Most of us are too fucking busy trying to raise our children to give a damn about the price of gas in Liberia. Hell I myself am too busy trying to feed MY kids to worry about the ones in Africa. If you don’t like American politics then SAY you don’t like American politics. If you don’t like the fact that our military “invaded” another country then fucking SAY you don’t. STOP WITH THE FUCKING GENERALIZATIONS ALREADY ASSHOLES! :mad:

Obligatory “but how do you REALLY feel about it?” post.

But I like hanging shit on Merkins. It’s good sport. Are you going to deprive me of yet another simple pleasure?


Ok, my people will stop that when you stop thinking for one that:
All the Brits either speak posh and watch Benny Hill or Monty Python AND…if any one isn’t upper class speaks with a Cockney accent, other than that, we are all cold, stiff upper lipped sexless dorks.
And I have never seen anyone in my area wear a bowler hat!!!


How about, “All Coloradans are Stupid?”

(Um…trying to make a joke… Failing…)


that would have been funny if all Californians could drive…

um… I hate to tell you this but… I have NEVER thought about Brits like that.
This is actually what I was talking about. The blatent generalization of ALL Americans thinking this way. IRRITATING for me considering I have no freaking idea what the FUCK a bowler hat even IS!! :wally

Theres probably not one nation in the world that isnt generalized one way or another. I think we’ll just have to get used to it. People are ignorant, not much we can do about that unfortunately.

College is a breeding ground for this. I am tolerant of people who don’t live in the US, or recent immigrants, saying stuff like this. It’s annoying, and I wouldn’t say it about anyone else’s country, but to each his own.

What lights a fire under my ass is middle-class, American-born college kids talking about how stupid, lazy, fat, etc. Americans are. “Schools are so much better in Asia.” Then go there, and stop wasting federal funds to go to college here if you’d learn more in Asia. “We’re so much fatter/lazier/stupider than Europeans!” Then go there, and stop making the lines longer and McDonald’s.

Yes, we have problems, but find me a country that doesn’t. It doesn’t make me stupid to love the country I was born in. The comment about American schools came from a guy who said he’d run to Canada if the draft were reinstituted, so I guess I should expect no better.

I’d love to live in Asia. I’d love to live in Europe. Why can’t I love living in America, too?

This is the EXACT reason you don’t see any mention of “foreigners” calling Americans stupid. My next door neighbor is a “natural” citizen and calls us all names. What a loser :rolleyes: Why can’t we all just stop with the damn name calling anyway?

Obligatory comment on the irony of implying all government employees and sports fanatics are stupid in an anti-generalization rant. Seriously, generalizing is bad but you’re better off working on your own rather than bitching about other people doing it.


It’s satire, right?

Wow. That’s almost sig-worthy.

Did it ever occur to you for one second that the reason these things concern them is not that they want to insult our country, but rather that they love it and want to improve it?

So what the HELL am I learning from EastEnders, Coupling, and The Office?

Dammit…just when I thought I had the damn accents figured out.

You’re a right bugger, old chap. Let’s go to the pub and have a pint, yeah?

(See, BBC America is good for something.)


I wish, neutron star, but I never hear anything about real politics out of these people. (Specific people, that I know well.)

I’m not talking about the kids who ran around campus putting up Anti-War art and passing around petitions and stuff. I have no complaint with that, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and those people are trying to improve the state of things as best they can. (Art, petitions, campus meetings, etc.)

The people I am complaining about I know personally. They’re not registered voters, and the one guy I mentioned isn’t “interested in” voting. Well, if you are going to complain about how fat and lazy Americans are, bully for you, but there isn’t much you can do about it. Work out and keep yourself busy, but you can’t blame our country for it. If you wanna complain about how stupid they are…be a teacher. Tutor some kinds. Be a big brother or sister to someone. You will get nothing accomplished by sitting around and talking about how horrible Americans are.

And if I try to make that point, I’m “ignorant” or a “sheep.” Why can’t people just let everyone do their own thing?

What have I told you folks about the word Merkin? It just ain’t funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of Americans are stupid, I grant you. But lots of English folks are equally stupid. Possibly even proportionally as many; I’ve never taken a poll.

I get a double whammy – I’m a Texan. I’m double stupid and I’m armed. Beware. :rolleyes:

Won’t someone think of the children?

But not the children from Alabama. They’re all cross-eyed and drooling from the constant in-breeding.

You earthlings are just a bunch of morons. I’m going back to Uranus. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that ‘the rest of the world’ is just angry that the USA has now become the boss-country, which can apparently do whatever it chooses; many feel that the situation has been imposed upon them. Imagine how you’d feel if you wound up with a president for whom only a few of you had voted - you’d be pretty pissed off wouldn’t you?