If I knew at age 28 what I know now I'd...

start my own business sooner

  1. have bought Microsoft and sold it at the right time.

  2. not have bothered asking out the women who’ve said no.

  3. have exercised more.

  4. stopped smoking sooner.

That pretty much covers it. Healthier, wealthier, wiser.

…have spent about 2.5 years in a coma.

…be really stupid for my age.

(I’m 19)

… be pissed off about the three months of amnesia.

Darn it! The last three people stole my joke. I think people for whom this thread was intended are outnumbered. :wink:

…be really depressed.

… have sold everything I could to invest in Dell, at JUST THE RIGHT TIME… :slight_smile:

… have stayed in California, and convinced my wife to buy a house in Livermore or Pleasanton.

There is a great book that explores this theme: Replay by Ken Grimwood. A 48-year-old man wakes up in his college dormitory at age 18, with his memory of the next three decades intact.

… be seeing into the future. :slight_smile:

…have my children sooner. I didn’t know then that I would love being a father this much.

Aw, shucks, now I’m getting dewy!:smiley:

I’d have gone to law school and concentrated more on having a career than on travelling.

… have dumped my ex and shagged a lot more women.

This is great! I’m turning 28 in four months! This thread came just in time for me to learn from all of your mistakes. So c’mon, Dopers! Make with the wisdom! I don’t want to be wallowing in regret and self-pity when I get as old as the rest of you losers!


Ok, so I have 1 week to finish everything on the list -
Well, everything reasonable.

What should I bend over backwards to do in the next 6 days?

I like your style.

I should have added “before getting married to my beautiful wife”.

28… If I knew then… I would have the knowledge I needed to stop my marriage from falling apart and would still be married to the most beautiful girl I’ve even known. and be living in New Zealand.

…still get divorced.